Writing or updating a CV can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t need to be! Here are four tips to writing a CV that is professional and gets attention.

Tip 1: Is it relevant?

When writing your CV, consider first what is relevant for the position you are applying for, and then, what is most relevant to your reader. With that in mind, structure your CV based on relevance. This will mean ordering your education and experience in reverse chronological order.

Tip 2: Be clear & succinct.

Generally, when someone is reading your CV, it is one of many. The reality is, the reader may be tired and have limited reading time so make your CV is clear and enjoyable to read. Ideally your CV should be one to two pages long. If your CV it is longer than that, go back and reconsider whether everything you have included is actually relevant.

Tip 3: Include responsibilities & achievements.

When listing your employment history briefly outline the responsibilities you had and what your achievements were. This is one area where a bit of elaboration will enhance your CV. Briefly describing the setting you taught in, programs you used and specific needs your catered for is also worthwhile.

Tip 4: Format & proofread.

The easiest way to make your CV look professional, and subsequently worth reading, is by having consistent formatting. When the formatting of a CV is inconsistent it can impact on clarity and give an unfavourable impression about the professionalism of the subject. The same can be said for a CV that has not been thoroughly proofread.

You can be creative with the layout and format of your CV, the only rules are that it needs to be clear and consistent.