My name is Sam and I am a part of the Recruitment Academy here at anzuk Education Melbourne. Recruitment wasn’t something that was on my radar when I was looking for jobs and trying to figure out the eternal question of “what do I want to do”. I was told about a company called anzuk from a school business manager who uses anzuk for casual relief teachers. She said that whenever she spoke to someone from the company they sounded so happy and that it must be an exciting and fun place to work. I thought I would check to see if there were any opportunities within the “a-team” and I was lucky enough to be offered a place in the Recruitment Academy.


My role in the academy is to rotate through the various teams within Melbourne, learning about what they do and trying to make an impact by assisting them with their daily tasks. My first rotation was in Business Services where I learnt the important systems and administration that forms the backbone of the company. I then spent time with the permanent opportunities team. They work with a large number of Independent and Catholic schools, helping them to find the best education leaders and teachers. 


Currently, I am in the Global Opportunities team. This team collaborates with our overseas offices to help bring teachers from overseas and place them into a range of teaching positions in Australia. They also do the opposite and assist Australian teachers with moving and working in New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom. 


My day starts off at around 6am. I either leave home quickly to meet a few members of the team for a run around the Botanical Gardens or I take my time and leave the house around 7am. I like to get on public transport early as I find being crammed on a train or tram a terrible way to start the day. Breakfast is complimentary so I like a cheeky egg scramble or a bowl of cereal to kick things off.


Being a part of the academy requires you to be flexible and adaptable. It’s hard for me to give you a full break down of my daily tasks and routines as it chops and changes often and I slot in where I am most needed. Normally, I report to my current team leader. We like to get the day planned out so we just get on the same page about what is happening for the day and then get into it. I spend a large part of my day following up with teachers who are at various stages of their overseas move – from still deciding to move, up to teachers who are days away from their flight. I have been working alongside three people who are great at what they do – Camille, Rowan and Tenielle – and they have taught me plenty.


Being a part of the global opportunities team is a bit of a slow burn, so for me it is important to celebrate the small wins and know that it takes little bits of work over a long period to get the rewards. Moving to another country is a big decision so it often takes a lot of preparation and time to finally make the leap and being able to assist teachers in this is rewarding.


I’ve found that while each team I have been in is very different they all work towards a common goal – getting the best teachers in front of students so they can do what they do best. To me that is truly rewarding. Something else I find really enjoyable is being able to support teachers and give them the best opportunities in their career. I know that I was a pretty difficult student to teach, so I like to think I am making up for those past sins in this role!


If you are interested in joining the a-team academy you can apply now on our website.