You asked? We listened! Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from our anzuk Educators about working with us!

I’ve submitted to work casually with anzuk. What’s next?  

  • You will be contacted by a member of our anzuk Team within 48 hours regarding the next steps.  
  • We match your experience and skillset against open casual roles that are available at the time of your application. If we are able to assist you with opportunities, a member of our Recruitment Team will contact you to discuss your application further. At this stage, you will also be asked to provide referees who we can contact, with regards to your work experience.
  • Following the phone screen, we organise an interview for you with a member of our Recruitment Team. You will also have the opportunity to meet your Account Manager in this interview, who will support you with your daily CRT bookings.
  • When you are booked in for interview, you will also be asked to begin completing & uploading documentation to support your application via our online portal, Ready2Work.
  • During interview, we will discuss your ideal start date and work in partnership with you to ensure that all your documentation is compliant prior to that date. We will also discuss your goals and preferences for work.  


I’m now active for work with anzuk as a Casual Educator. How will I receive bookings & hear from my account manager?  

  • Following your interview & successfully completing compliance requirements, you will be sent an email to advise you that you are now Ready2Work with anzuk Education.  
  • You will be provided your login details for anzuk’s Ready2Work app, which is also accessible via an online web browser. This will allow you to log in and set your availability for shifts. 
  • You can expect to hear from your Account Manager within the first 48 hours of your activation for work.
  • Your Account Manager, alongside the wider Teaching Division will be in touch with you regarding work. They will discuss the cover required, journey to the school, alongside any other specifics regarding your bookings.
  • Once you have been consistently working within schools, you may be sent Tentative bookings. Tentative bookings are work offers made to you directly via text message. This helps you to efficiently secure shifts at schools you are already familiar with. In these instances, you may accept work without speaking to a member of our Teaching Team.
  • If you are booked into a shift & can no longer attend, please call your account manager asap (at the latest, 6.30am on the day of your shift). The earlier we are aware, the greater ability we have to re-fill your shift.  


Where can I work casually in Australia, with anzuk?  

  • anzuk Education support schools & centers across Australia with casual relief staffing; both qualified teachers and education support staff.  
  • The level of demand varies by geography and time of the year.
  • For Early Childhood, casual work is available in Victoria (Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland), Canberra, Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane and Perth.
  • For Schools, casual work is available in Victoria (Metro Melbourne and areas of Regional Victoria, including Geelong) and Sydney.   


My preferences for work have changed. What do I do?  

  • If you have moved home, your travel time or work preferences have changed, please speak to your Account Manager. Please also let your account manager know if you no longer require anzuk’s support for casual work.   


How do I get offered more work at the schools I love?  

  • Your Account Manager will be able to set preferred schools on your profile, which ensures that you are prioritised for these shifts, when suitable work is available.  
  • You can also speak to your account manager regarding schools that you’re not wanting to go back to, to have them set as non-preferred on your profile.  


I’m looking to move interstate, or internationally with anzuk. What is the process?  

  • We have casual, contract and permanent opportunities interstate Australia, alongside across NZ, USA and the UK, dependent upon your qualifications & experience. To find out more information & the next steps specific to your work & visa circumstances, please speak to your Account Manager if you are currently working for anzuk. If you are not currently working for anzuk, please follow the ‘work abroad’ and ‘work in Australia’ prompts on our website.  


Can anzuk find me a full-time role?  

  • anzuk Education has a Permanent Recruitment Team which specialises in supporting educators to find a permanent role that matches the next steps in your teaching career. 
  • As part of this process, the Permanent Recruitment Team will offer guidance with your CV, answering selection criteria and interview technique.  
  • If you are already working casually with anzuk Education, please speak to your Account Manager in the first instance to enquire regarding permanent work. If you are not currently working for anzuk, you can enquire about permanent positions here.  


I’m interested in school holiday/OSHC work. How do I apply?  

  • anzuk supports holiday programs across Melbourne, selected Regional Victoria settings, Sydney & Western Australia.  
  • If you are currently working casually for anzuk, please speak to your Account Manager. If you are not currently working for anzuk, you can enquire regarding school holiday/OOSH work here. 


I need support in obtaining my VIT Registration. Where do I go for help?  

  • For support & guidance in obtaining your VIT registration, please see guidance on the VIT’s website.  


I am a PTT (Provisionally Trained Teacher). Can I work casually via anzuk?  

  • As a PTT, dependent upon your location & specialism, anzuk may be able to support you with Education Support / Teacher Aide work. To apply to work as an Education Support / Teacher Aide, please follow the link here.  
  • Teaching agencies, such as anzuk Education, are unable to employ PTT’s as Teachers for CRT (Casual Relief Teaching) work. This is due to the DET’s requirements of mentorship for PTT’s. For PTT’s to engage in CRT work, you must enquire directly with a school.  


What is anzuk’s Ambassador Program and how do I become a member?  

  • anzuk’s Ambassador Program is our guaranteed work offering for CRT’s. Selection as an Ambassador is based on references, location, school feedback, flexibility & communication. Our Ambassador program can be 1 – 5 days per week of guaranteed work, dependent on your personal circumstances.  


As a CRT (Casual Relief Teacher), how is my rate of pay calculated?  

  • anzuk pays our CRT Team at or above the Awards for a given state. To ascertain your pay level, you will be asked throughout the compliance process to submit a Statement of Service as evidence of the number of teaching days you have completed and the nature of roles you have held previously.  


As a casual educator, how often will I get paid?  

  • Our payroll is processed weekly. Dependent on your bank, you will receive funds in your account on the Thursday/Friday following work completed.  


Do anzuk Education charge educators a fee for finding work?  

  • No. Schools and settings pay for the service of finding suitable educators to meet their casual staffing or permanent needs.   


How is my tax calculated? How do I change my super or tax information?  

  • Your tax is calculated based on your tax-free threshold, alongside your weekly earnings.  
  • To change your tax information, please speak to your Account Manager in the first instance. They will ask you to complete a new TFN (Tax File Number) Declaration.
  • To change your super, please forward your new Superannuation Standard Choice form to your Account Manager.  


It’s tax time. How do I access my income statement summary?  

  • Follow this link via the Australian Tax Office’s website, here.  


What do I do if I am confirmed for work and I’m sick? 

  • Call your consultant as soon as possible, make sure to leave a voicemail and we will confirm we have received your message via text. Our phone lines are operated from 6.30am – 7pm. 


How do Tentative bookings work? Do I need to respond, if I an unable to work the shift? 

  • YES. When you receive a tentative booking via sms please respond as soon as possible. This booking will have only been sent to you so you will need to either accept or decline in order for us to find another educator if needed. 


I have a teacher friend looking for work. Who can I pass on their details too?  

  • You can pass on their details directly to your consultant and once they have been placed you obtain a referral bonus which earns you money! You can also refer your friends here.