As educators, as parents, as citizens, we know that young people do better at school and in life if they attend schools where they feel welcome and safe. In celebration of Pride month we have collated a list of LGBTQI+ resources to educate and create safe and inclusive school environments…

The history of Pride Month. 

How straight parents can raise kids to be allies, during Pride Month and beyond. An article that expands on the ways all families can recognize LGBTQ Pride Month:

GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR SCHOOL SAFE AND INCLUSIVE FOR LGBTI STUDENTS. This Guide contains research, ideas and strategies on how Victorian schools can become Safe Schools – so that schools can ensure they are doing everything possible in providing a welcoming and inclusive school experience for all students, their families, and staff:

Inclusive school formals and events poster. School formals, deb balls and school dances can be an exciting time for senior students. For same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students however, participating in school events may not always bring the same level of excitement and in fact might be a source of anxiety or fear. This is a quick guide to the policy and practice that can help make your school event safe, inclusive and fun for all students:

Glossary of LGBTIQ+ Terms. Sex, gender and sexuality are terms that mean different things, even though they interrelate in complex ways. In particular, ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ tend to be used interchangeably, as if they are the same thing. The distinctions between these concepts are outlined below and are important for understanding some of the definitions presented in the rest of this document:

RAINBOW NETWORK. Established in 1998, Rainbow Network began as an intimate peer support group of workers who would meet to discuss the shared challenges they faced when working towards meeting the needs of LGBTIQ+ young people:

All Of Us. The Safe Schools Coalition Australia guide for a Health and Physical Education resource for years 7 and 8 on the topic of gender and sexual diversity. This unit is taught in conjunction with videos, student handouts and posters:

Queer and Trans Books for Young Adults:

5 ways to make schools safer for LGBTQ students poster:

Making School a Safe Place for LGBTQ Students: (read the article or listen as a podcast)

Coming Out – A Resource for LGBTQ Students. To help with the coming out process, we’ve compiled some key things to think about and consider as you or others begin to share your identities around sexuality and gender:

The History Of Pride Month And What It Can Teach Us About Moving Forward Today: