This month our newsletter focuses on Special Education Needs Settings, including our recent trip to Southern Autistic with Collingwood footy club to teach the kids how to kick like the pros, we have some really helpful SEN Teaching Guides and resources available for you. We also include some player profiles from our SEN consultant – Jarryd, Assistant Principal of Southern Autistic School – Warren Bull and SEN Educators Nelly Gunday & Ama Batuwana, all of which gave some valuable insight into their experience working & supporting in SEN settings.

Southern Autistic Day Footy Day with Jack Crisp

Last week Jack Crisp from the Collingwood Football Club ran some fun AFL drills with the students at Southern Autistic school with the help of SEN consultant Jarryd Phillips! We had a fantastic day and hope it has inspired the students to pick up the footy more often and enjoy physical education. Watch the full video here!

Prep for Success Guide

We have created a guide for teachers working in Special Education Needs settings!

This guide covers topics including:

  • PECS Cards
  • What is Hydrotherapy
  • Tips from successful SEN educators
  • SEN Glossary
  • Helpful questions to ask the TA & Teacher

DOWNLOAD your copy here!


7 Questions to ask before you start your day in a SEN setting

Before you start your day it is important to find out as much information about the SEN setting you will be working in.

This will allow you to prepare for the day and allow you to better understand the children’s needs.

Read more here!


SEN Assistant Principal Player Profile: Warren Bull, AP at Southern Autistic

How long have you been working in SEN Schools & how long within your current school? I have been working within SEN schools off-and-on for over 12 years, and I have been here for 12 months.

What do you really enjoy about working in SEN Schools? The sense you are making a difference, the camaraderie with other staff, the relationships you build with the students.

Best advice you can give an educator working within a SEN School for the first time? Ask for help when you need it, because we all do at times and the staff are more than willing to lend a hand.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working within a SEN School?
No two days are ever the same! You build an appreciation and gratitude for the small wins you make each and every day.

A personal one… What is your all-time favourite book & all-time favourite TV Show?
Book – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
TV Show – Seinfeld

anzuk Teacher Player Profile: Nelly Gunday, SEN Teacher

How long have you been teaching in SEN Schools? About 5 weeks.

What do you really enjoy about teaching in SEN Schools? Working with students with different abilities and personalities who need it the most. Each day is different and more interesting than the next, all the students are amazing to work with and I just love their personalities. I am constantly picking up new skills on how children learn. The highly structured environment with small class sizes and ES staff that are very caring and compassionate make my day run smooth. SEN schools are always organised with lots of information available for CRTs on students and all staff are always happy to support you at any time.

Best advice you can give a fellow CRT working within a SEN School? Always smile, stay calm and be positive. Give students time to get to know you at their own pace. Allow students processing time, do not rush any activity or task. Seek the assistance of ES staff that may be available in the room with you that day. Find out as much as you can about the students you are about to teach from the CRT folder provided as this will help you deal with all students in the best way. Ask questions if you are unsure. All staff are always happy to help at all SEN schools I have worked at. Always speak to students in a calm manner.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working within a SEN School? To watch them overcome obstacles that many people would take for granted. Such as using scissors for cutting and pasting, writing their name or shooting a basketball into a hoop after many attempts. It is extremely rewarding to see a student spend a long time trying to learn something and succeed.

A personal one… What is your all-time favourite holiday destination? My favourite all time holiday destination is Takayama, Japan.


anzuk TA Player Profile: Ama Batuwana, TA

How long have you been supporting in schools for? Nearly 6 Months.

What you really enjoy about supporting in SEN Schools? Working with students with special needs is sometimes challenging, but inviting too. There is always something new to learn and improve from students every day. It inspires me, seeing the students overcome the difficulties and work so hard to make progress in their learning and development.

Best advice you can give a fellow SEN Teaching Assistant? Try to perceive the uniqueness of individual students, their interests, capabilities and needs. Supporting them with the power of love, kindness, and compassion, helps to see a bigger picture. Seeing a student make even a little progress is worthwhile.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working within a SEN School? Supporting SEN schools is more rewarding. I feel it is more than a job, when I see that my efforts in work are making a positive impact on students, helping them to grow, gain skills in pleasing experiences.

A personal one… What is your all-time favourite podcast & all-time favourite movie?  Just letting you know that I am not a great movie or podcast fan. But I do enjoy gardening and community singing outside my work. ?


anzuk Player Profile: Jarryd Phillips, Education Recruitment Consultant

Where did you grow up? A farm near a small-town called Gerogery (40kms North of Albury NSW)

How long have you been working with anzuk? Since September 2019

What do you enjoy about supporting SEN Educators & Schools? I enjoy the stories from our educators about their days working with the kids. Our SEN schools also take on a lot of our educators for contracts after doing CRT work in their schools. It’s nice to see particularly when it’s an educator who never considered working in SEN.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with SEN Schools? Knowing the positive impact we have had on not only the students but the entire SEN community.

A personal one… All-time favourite food/dish? Love a good Cheese and bacon Cob Loaf when entertaining and whenever I get the chance nothing tastes better than a pot and parmi in a country pub!


Are you interested in working in SEN Schools with anzuk?

You will often work with small class sizes, always feel well supported and be part of schools that promote a caring environment for students, parents and staff alike.

We look for compassionate, adaptable individuals who strive to always create exceptional experiences in education. Whether you’re a graduate teacher, experienced in SEN or have a background in caring for others, we’d love to hear from you! Simply email your consultant or register with anzuk here.