Thousands of former teachers return to teaching each year, now could be a great time for you to become a teacher again and help support the education recovery in the UK.

You may have seen there is a national drive led by the government to recruit qualified teachers and ex-teachers to cope with the demands being placed on educational establishments due to the effect of the pandemic.

Here at anzuk Education, we are taking action to address the most common issues arising in education from the pandemic including mental health and wellbeing and the teacher supply shortage.

We would love to hear from any teachers who would be in a position to do any temporary or more permanent work across the UK, particularly in London, Surrey, Bristol and Wales.  Currently we particularly seek help with:

  • Secondary School Teachers
  • Primary School Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants and School Support

Take a look at the different roles and opportunities here or you can speak to one of our friendly consultants and register for supply teaching, here.

If you’re returning to teaching, you might want to re-familiarise yourself with life in a classroom. Here are some guides to support with exactly that.

We would also like to thank our teachers for the unwavering contributions behind the scenes to ensure ongoing educational experiences. Whether that’s spending countless hours learning innovative teaching techniques, ensuring every student has access to the curriculum and troubleshooting digital tools for families in need.

If anzuk can be of any further support at all, please contact us directly.