Welcome back! Wow, what a treat I have for you today, you wonderful people. It’s all about the Big Crumpet (not its real nickname but should be)…. London!

For those with an eye for detail, I disclosed in the very first introduction blog post that I am from Bristol. For those with a very holistic knowledge of geography, Bristol is not in London. But before all the doubters, haters, and fake motivators out there start banging their drum to the beat of discontent, never fear. I have delved into the capital on more than one occasion. I have also done my homework with a few local experts in our beautiful London office about slipping into the London lifestyle seamlessly, and below is what we’ve come up with.

Park life!
It’s mid-summer, 28 degrees, a soft southerly breeze softens the impact of the heat, there are two places Londoners love to go. Firstly, a park. A park for every occasion. Playing host to running events, music festivals, or just a plain & simple sleepy evening sunset, there genuinely is a park in London for every occasion, every day. And there are so many! A whopping 3000 pristine greens! Go for a solo read, drinks with your pals, seal tight the slackline or get your running shoes on. Hey, it’s a public place, you have a wide array of choices as to what you want to do. And who knows, you might run into a cheeky vendor selling strawberries and clotted cream… Probably not, but the Mr Whippy with the flakes are bangin’!

Bermondsey Beer Mile
The second place is a good ol’ classic British drinks establishment, and where better to do so than the Bermondsey beer mile. Before you say anything, Mr/Ms/Mx reader… it does not mean a full mile of excessive alcoholic consumption. Oh no, it is a loose amalgamation of brewers gathered together to provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic sweet wheat nectar (also providing gluten-free options) during peak summer skies. It has gathered plenty of support over the past 10 years as independent brewers put their passion alongside their compatriots in the name of enjoyable craft beers for all. Officially starting at Southwark Brewing, with a quick stop halfway for a jerk fuel up at Old Jamaica Business estate, and finishing at Small Beer for enlarged chess games, this will be one for the socialites. There will most definitely be a character or six laughing outrageously contagiously (see picture for proof) what a way to feel at home.

Notting Hill Carnival 25th August – 26th August
Now we’re cooking…. Known worldwide as the “Greatest Community-led Event on the Planet,” Notting Hill Carnival is nothing short of mesmerising. A cultural celebration of long linear heritage that is embedded into the heart of the London community. A three-day long extravaganza boasting Steel Drum Competitions, fantastic Caribbean cuisine, and a special Sunday dedicated to children’s expression. Now I will admit, I myself have never had the privilege… I have been to St Pauls Carnival in Bristol, a ‘smaller scale’ Notting Hill and we were absolutely blown away being a part of it. Pop-up Soca, Samba, and Reggae stages fill the streets with people spreading community love. Whilst I’m not the expert on Notting Hill (sorry to disappoint!) ask anyone in our London office about it. A few have been and a few more will be going this year!

Chelsea Flower Show 21st May – 25th May
Although this has already happened, it is a must for your list next year! Let’s take a step back and fill our lungs, noses, and eyes with the distinct pollens found within the Chelsea Flower Show. Beauty here is everywhere the senses can indulge, the largest showcase of flora reveals cutting-edge garden designs and is quite frankly a perfect escape from a hustle-and-bustle working life. This embodiment of serenity gets the green-fingered community chomping at the bit to be a part of. Even if I were to be entered into the competition, my partner would still be the supreme gardener of course (she made me write that).

Frameless Exhibition Ongoing!
Sticking with the theme of tranquillity, the Frameless Exhibition does exactly what it says on the tin. Almost impossible to describe with just words but I’ll give it a shot… Imagine internal design purposefully installed for cascading what it means to be indoors. It is the art of Abstraction. It is timeless, boundless immersion. About 90 minutes from start to finish, it can be a sweet evening indulgence, or a cool place to bring your parents when they come to visit.

There we have it folks! A few intriguing suggestions to mull over I’m sure. No, no, please, please I beg you, take your time to fully digest and let the fantasy grow. There are honourable mentions as well, such as Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally for short) for events like gigs to live darts, Borough Market for those worldwide cuisine food fixations, or a trip to the home of football, rugby, cricket, tennis, or Shakespeare! Everyone in the world has sources of happiness special to them, and I hope this post has given some insight to individuals as to what living the life in London.

Up next, we visit the South-West where there appears to be a bit of a theme….