Are you an international Early Childhood educator on a WHV? Want to see Australia while you work? Let anzuk Education help you with our “Your Passport Through Australia” program! 

With us, you’ll have a dedicated local consultant in each state to help with state requirements, accommodation, the best places to relax and even centers that best suit your needs. Plus, participate in our competitions for the best travel pictures and stories, and get the chance to earn bonuses for stamping all states in your passport and even more for stamping the whole passport. Reimbursement of travel between states is also available (T’s and C’s apply, see below).  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make the most of your WHV in Australia with anzuk Education. 


What’s in it for you?? 

Local dedicated consultant in each state you travel to giving advice on: 

  • State requirements (ACECQA / WWCC for those already in Australia). 
  • Accommodation. 
  • Best places to relax or let loose. 
  • Centres best suited to YOUR needs! 
  • Staying on after your visa. 
  • Competitions for best travel pictures/stories. 
  • Stamp all states in the passport and get a $100 Bonus. 
  • Stamp the whole passport and get an extra $500 Bonus. 
  • Reimbursement of travel between states. 
  • T’s and C’s apply. 



How do I join the program? 

Depending on your location, if you are based internationally then you will need to join via our Global team, this will be with the consultant you have spoken to already. If you are in Australia, you will need to talk to the nominated consultant in that state.  Both local and international consultants will assess your eligibility to join the program 

Where can I start? 

You can start at any of our offices throughout Australia 

I’m not an Early Childhood Teacher, can I still join the program? 

No – only if you have an ACECQA approved qualification to work in early childhood

When will I start? 

You will start once you have signed up to the program and your hours will begin to calculate after your first shift on the program has been completed. 

I’m not an international traveller, can I join the program? 

Yes, If you are an ECE and looking at traveling Australia we can assist. 

Can I travel with my ECE friends? 

Yes, the program will be able to assist you and your friends travel and work around the nominated states and territories. 

What happens if I want to stay in the state or territory I’m in? 

That is absolutely fine but if you choose to stay in the current location where you reside, you access to the benefits of the program will cease – this can be reinstated at our discretion should you change your mind.  

I didn’t receive my travel bonus/travel voucher 

If you have collated and forwarded all relevant paperwork within the nominated timescale and have not received your bonus/travel voucher, please get in touch with your nominated consultant. 

What if I can’t complete the program due to reasons out of my control? 

Should circumstances out of you control contribute to you not being able to complete the program it will be at anzuk education’s discretion as to what bonuses/travel vouchers will be honoured. 


Terms and Conditions 

  • Your eligibility to the program will be made upon your application to anzuk and at our discretion. 
  • You must work a minimum of 2 shifts a week. 
  • To be eligible for your travel reimbursement and passport stamp you must have completed a total of 300 hours in the state you currently reside. 
  • You must attend the local office on completion of your 300 hours to obtain your stamp. 
  • You must organise your travel. 
  • You must submit your travel reimbursement claim to your anzuk consultant in your previous state within 14 days of arrival in your new state. 
  • Evidence of your travel will be required for reimbursement. 
  • You may travel between states via alternative methods of transportation. 
  • Travel reimbursements are capped to the value of $150 per educator per travel between states. 
  • The bonus is on you to redeem the stamp and/or reimbursement.  
  • Once all documentation has been received and approved by anzuk, you will be reimbursed for your travel within 30 business days. 
  • anzuk Education has no obligation to educators who do not comply with these terms and conditions 
  • anzuk reserves the right to extend, change or end this program at its discretion and without prior notice.