Top 10 FAQ’s for teachers moving to Australia

How do I book my registration appointment?  

Our Global team will ensure you are contacted to book your registration appointment before you depart.  

When does the registration appointment usually happen? 

Within the first week or two of arriving, is best but it’s completely up to you!  

What does the registration appointment entail?  

  • Face to face meeting either over video call or in person 
  • Gathering of compliance documents and signing the employment paperwork 
  • Compliance checks 
  • Activation + welcome email 
  • Headshot taken 

What should I wear to my registration appointment? 

  • Business casual 
  • Dress as if your first day teaching  
  • No flip flops, jeans etc   

How do I find out about work? 

We call or text you in advance asking if you are interested in work and call on the day of work. When exactly you are notified about work depends on your circumstances. For more information see the ready2work section. 

What will I be paid? 

We pay in accordance with your experience. This is determined by your number of days teaching and can be calculated by providing a Statement of Service from either the Department of Education if government or the school’s HR department if non-government. 

Who is my consultant? 

You will receive an email from your consultant introducing themselves. Our consultants each work for a different area of Melbourne. Based on where you chose to live and your teaching preferences you will be assigned a consultant to best suit your needs along with the needs of the schools in their area.  

How long does it take for me to get active? 

Once all compliance documents have been received, your profile will be sent to our Business Services team and typically you’ll be made active within a few days. 

What area should I live in to help maximize my chances for work? 

Check out our Guide to living in Melbourne here. 

What is the best way to get to schools?  

Most of our educators choose to use Public Transit as it’s easily accessible, fast and reliable. Melbourne has one of the best transportation systems. If you have a bike this can also be beneficial when getting to and from the train station!