We are regularly catching up with Senior School Leaders across the UK to discuss the effect COVID-19 has had on education, teaching staff and pupils. As schools are still waiting to follow official and clear guidance from the UK Education Secretary, many school leaders have taken it in to their own hands to produce their own school safety measures, unique returning to school road maps and individual guidance for families.

We have recorded some key insights from UK Leaders in Education to share within the community. We hope this will give you some support in your own return to school plan as well as ideas to keep staff and children positive and optimistic during this time.

Kirsty Knowles (Head of St Augustine‚Äôs Priory Junior School) and Gordon Jamieson (Head of St Thomas More Primary School) discuss their own unique plan to return to school and adopting the ‘bubble’ technique:


Huw, our Regional Director, met with Dominic Broad, Headteacher of SGS Pegasus School to discuss his return to school plan, online learning, teaching resilience to pupils and reviewing safeguarding practises.

Steve Price is the Executive Leader of the Bourne Education Trust, he wanted to share his insights with schools and educators on current learning provisions, what a summer return may look like and the current landscape for recruiting staff.

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We hope you have found the above content valuable.

We wish you all the best for a safe return to school.