So, you’ve had a look into teaching in the UK, but you’re not sure how to go about setting yourself up so you’re ready to go? Below is all the information you need about applying for and gaining your UK Qualified Teaching Status. 

To be awarded recognition as a qualified teacher, you will need to have satisfied the following conditions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada & see here for a list of other eligible countries 

 (a) you must have successfully completed a course of initial teacher training (ITT) which is recognised by the competent authority in that country; and  

 (b) successfully completed or satisfied any additional conditions, including any period of professional experience comparable to an induction period, which are required for employment on a permanent basis in government schools (schools wholly or mainly government funded) in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or other eligible countries. 

Qualifications and experience you’ll need to apply for QTS from outside the UK 

To be awarded QTS as a non-UK teacher, you must: 


  • have an undergraduate degree of the same academic standard as a UK bachelor’s degree, as verified by UK ENIC 
  • have completed teacher training that meets the standard of a level 6 qualification and is of at least the same length as an English initial teacher training course – for example, a Bachelor of Education or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education 
  • have completed a course with content that is practically and pedagogically focused 
  • be qualified to teach children aged between 5 and 16 years 
  • have at least one school year (a minimum of 9 months including school holidays but excluding time out taken for any other reason) of professional experience working as a teacher after qualifying 
  • have the professional status needed to be a teacher in the country where you qualified, and not be subject to any conditions or restrictions on your practice 


You must also meet a certain standard of English language proficiency. This means you must be able to show one of the following. You have: 

  • been born in, hold citizenship of, or have studied at undergraduate level (or higher) in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or in one of the exempt nationalities (Australia is one) 
  • been taught in English at undergraduate level (or higher) – you will need to provide evidence that English has been the medium of instruction (MOI) of your degree 
  • sat a CEFR B2 level English language test at a secure English language test (SELT) provider and met a CEFR B2 level of English proficiency 


Apply for QTS through Teaching Regulation Agency: 

You can apply for QTS through the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) if you have a teaching qualification from: 

You can apply if you: 

  • submit evidence that you’re recognised as a teacher in the country where you qualified 
  • are not prohibited or restricted from teaching by a professional sanction against you 

When you apply to the TRA for QTS you do not need to: 

  • pay a fee 
  • undergo any further training 
  • visit the UK 
  1. Provide all required documentation, such as transcripts, proof of identity, and evidence of your registration as a teacher in Australia. 
  2. Undertake the induction period which is typically a period of two terms of probationary teaching. 

Note: that these are general steps, and the specific requirements may vary depending on the exact circumstances of your situation. It may be beneficial to check the information on the official website of the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) to get the most up-to-date and accurate information. 


A fairer approach to awarding QTS to overseas teachers- January 2023 update from the Website. 

To see whether the most recent update from the UK government effects your eligibility criteria for applying for Qualified Teaching status, please review their most recent policy paper through the link above. 

Changes to eligibility for QTS 

Applicants with a teaching qualification from the following countries and regions will be able to use the new service to check they meet the requirements for QTS and apply: 

  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • New Zealand 

We have outlined below a step-by-step guide of how to check your QTS eligibility using the new service. 

*QTS exemption for teachers from outside the UK 

You can teach in independent schools, academies, and free schools in England without QTS. If you want to work in a state school, you’ll need to pass the qualification, but in many schools, you can train towards this as you teach. 

Teachers from outside the UK are allowed to teach in England for up to 4 years without QTS – even in schools where QTS is normally a legal requirement. You can learn more about this exemption, known as the ‘4-year rule’, from the school employing you. 

To be eligible for the 4-year rule, you’ll need to have: 

  • qualified as a teacher in a country outside the UK 
  • successfully completed a course of teacher training recognised by the organisation that regulates teachers in the country where you qualified 

After 4 years, teachers from outside the UK will need QTS to teach in state schools in England. 


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