We look forward to welcoming you back to the anzuk Education team. If you have worked with anzuk before, you will have an existing profile in our system that we will need to take steps to update in terms of details, preferences, and documentation. Requirements can differ depending on the length of time since your last period of employment with us.  

Here are some questions that our team will likely ask you as we take steps to reactivate your profile: 

  • What has brought you back to work with anzuk Education? What are your new plans and goals for your work? Is there anything from your last period of employment that you’d like to approach differently this time? 
  • Have there been any changes to your personal details, such as your address, preferred contact details, emergency contacts, or medical declaration? 
  • Are your work preferences still the same; subject/s? Age group? Setting type? Travel? 

If you are re-registering, we will likely need some updated documents  

There may be some compliance items that we require to be updated if the recent ones we have on file have expired – Mandatory Reporting Certificate, newer version of the COVID-19 Infection Control certificate, COVID-19 vaccine with booster for anyone working in special education needs and any updated ID documents if required. Tax and Super forms must be filled out again for anyone re-registering and can be completed easily through MyGov or on printable versions. We will also be asking for any statements of services from teachers who have worked anywhere in the meantime. 



Reference Requirements 

If you have been working in a school setting in the meantime, or in a setting working with children, we will usually require 2 references. Ideally principal or deputy class for teachers, or supervisor or mentor teachers for teaching assistants. If you have been on maternity leave within the last 2 years, references will not be required if you have not been working.  If you have other reasons for being out of teaching work, just let us know and our recruitment team will discuss options depending on your situation. 

Quick refresher interview – please consider an available date for this 

Our team will work alongside you to ensure you have met compliance requirements, prior to when you’re wanting to start work with us again. Once we have updated your information and documents for work with us, you will be invited to a refresher interview. This will help to reacquaint you with our systems and processes (e.g. Ready2Work), and policies and expectations, and also provide time for us to address any questions you may have about work. It may have been a long period of time since you last worked with us and we want you to feel confident and excited to work in schools with us again! 

In preparation for this, it helps to consider your desired start date and a time that you’d be available for the refresher interview, so that you can discuss this with our team. 

To begin the re-registration process, contact your account manager directly, or click here to request a call back.