Initiative involves taking individual action to assess situations and solve problems, even when it is out of one’s comfort zone. As an educator, when you show initiative in the classroom by constantly evaluating dynamic situations and thinking quickly to solve issues, students benefit greatly.

Showing initiative in the classroom, scanning the environment and proactively searching for ways to improve everyone’s experience in the classroom can help to;

  • Proactively find triggers and address any behavioural issues before they arise/escalate.
  • Show the school you are engaged, wanting to contribute and work as part of their teaching team – setting a good impression. You can generate work opportunities as an educator by continuously showcasing your skills and initiative.
  • Identify things that you are unsure about so that you can gain clarity in these areas.

Take a look at our classroom initiative guide to understand how you can adapt and excel in any school/classroom.

Initiative in the Classroom

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