Move to the UK & earn over £10,000 with the International Relocation Payment 

Embarking on an international teaching adventure to The UK? Are you a Science or Languages Teacher?  

Introducing the game-changing International Relocation Payment—a generous package designed to ignite your passion for teaching Physics & Languages in schools in England, opening doors to unforgettable experiences and boundless opportunities!  

What does it entail?  

The International Relocation Payment (IRP) is a lump sum of £10,000 specifically designed for international educators in Physics & Languages who are interested in teaching in England.  

The pilot program will be implemented in the academic year 2023-2024. 

(This in addition to the up to £500 Relocation Bonus anzuk can offer you. Totalling up to £10,500 in relocation assistance)  

This payment aims to cover the following expenses: 

  • Immigration health surcharge  
  • Visa-related costs  
  • Relocation expenditures  

The IRP is intended to support teachers from all around the globe who have the desire to train, teach, or work in English schools within the UK.  

The payment will be disbursed at the end of the first term and does not require repayment. In addition to the IRP, eligible trainee teachers may also qualify for a bursary or scholarship. 

Am I eligible?  

Several criteria must be met to qualify for the IRP. The three primary requirements for eligibility are: 

  • If you are an international teacher or trainee not currently residing in the UK, you are eligible to participate in this program, provided you meet the other requirements.  
  • You must meet the necessary employment and immigration criteria to demonstrate your eligibility for teaching and relocation to the UK. The Home Office will verify all visa and immigration documents. 
  • If you teach a Language subject (excluding English) or Physics, which are both offered in UK schools, you can apply for the IRP.  
  • It is permissible to combine your primary subject with another, but your main subject (Languages or Physics) must constitute at least 50% of your teaching workload. 

Examples of eligible teaching jobs: 

  • 50% modern foreign languages (for example, French, Spanish or German) and 50% another subject (for example, history) 
  • 50% modern foreign languages (for example, French, Spanish or German) and 50% English language 
  • 50% physics and 50% maths 
  • 50% general or combined science (must include the physics element) and 50% maths 

How does the program function?  

The program operates differently depending on the teaching circumstances of each applicant. 

Teachers must apply to the Department for Education for the payment once they have relocated to the UK and commenced teaching in a school, starting from Autumn 2023. 

Next steps… 

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!? If you’re interested to find out more, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Our extensive network includes opportunities in Private, Faith, State and Academy settings, across regional and city locations. We can assist with opportunities in;  

  • London  
  • Surrey  
  • Bristol & South West England  
  • Wales  
  • Regional UK 

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