Mr Whippy’s. Bangers. Beer Gardens. Festivals of music, food and drink. Weekend getaways. Never-ending need for sun-cream. British summertime is like no other. With summertime comes liberation. A new found-embrace of energy that comes oh so sweetly with the 9pm sunset and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.   

The gang at anzuk has allowed me the opportunity to write about some of the brilliant events coming up in the UK over the summer and also round-up the staff’s top tips of places to visit and unmissable experiences educators should experience once they get over here! To give me a platform such as this is either a stroke of genius, or foolishly foolish. Me, I’m hoping to hit the mark maybe somewhere in the middle. I want to give every reader guidance, offer advice, and hopeful maybe a giggle or two.   

The UK’s summer offerings can be described in one word. Barmy. British Slang term defined as mad, or crazy. As there is plenty to digest, I’ll break it down for you. We’re nice like that.  


This is me and to double quote myself, I am a little bit barmy!  

So the basics.. Hi! I’m Kieran, I recently turned 29 years old and I’m proud to be a member of the ADHD community (that’s right folks, anything can happen in this blog now!). What do I enjoy? Well, I love active stuff. Most recently took up marathon running for the good folks at Royal Marsden Children’s Hospice. I just wanted to gain a few extra followers and hopefully become an influencer for gymshark or something, but accidentally ended up falling in love with it. I know I know, running is really popular now and yes, it’s all thanks to me…. You’re welcome Instagram! I’m infamous for never staying still for than 15 minute increments, and I still believe I am the next Ed Sheeran with my funky guitar beats that are sometimes tuneful, but always entertaining. Maybe if you’re lucky I might even showcase it…. Probably not.   

I’ve been a Bristol boy my whole life except for a few marvellous years in Oz and New Zealand, living and embellishing in glorious ANZ delicacies (not Feijoa). I’ve also been an educator in the UK and the UK and worked closely with Primary and Secondary high needs and PMLD students after university. I loved my job. I loved working with children who had such brilliant unique ways of thinking in the face of their often troublesome homelives. It was in that role I truly saw the impact good educators can have on every student and why I joined anzuk in early March. I joined because they share my priority of supporting educators in finding the right role for them to thrive in.   

A happy, engaged educator is a great educator. Exactly what our next generation needs.   

No word of a lie, I am really really… really excited to be sharing tasty, tantalising tips and tricks on different ways to enjoy a good ol’ UK summer. Definitely keep an eye on this page because the first post is all about our big beautiful capital city of Landan taaaan!!