Following on from our previous blog announcing the new changes to the working holiday visas between New Zealand & The UK, here’s the low down on how it all works now it’s come into effect as of 29 June 2023.  

Firstly, NZ passport holders moving to the UK, are now eligible for a Youth Mobility Visa when they are under 36 rather than under 31. Obviously, this is a hugely positive change and gives those who may have missed out on the opportunity to have this experience.  

Secondly, the proposed change to a 3-year visa has been rolled out as an option to extend the 2-year visa – another big positive, this means the initial visa application remains as a 2-year visa.  

The cost also remains the same: 

  • Application fee of £259 
  • Plus the £470/year for healthcare surcharge 
  • Bringing it to £1199.  

To apply for an extra year as an extension, you must be on the ground in the UK holding a current YMSV, that is due to expire within 28 days.  

  • Fees will be the application cost again £259 
  • Plus the extra year of healthcare surcharge of £470. 
  • Bringing it to £729 for the extra 1 year  
  • £1928 total for all 3-years 

This means you’ll get two years to try before you buy – but we can guarantee you’ll want to grab the extra year as two years is never enough! 

For UK passport holders coming to NZ, the option will also be to extend your original visa application up to 36 months. British nationals seeking to stay in New Zealand for 12 months or longer will need to provide health certificates.  

Those seeking to stay for 24 months or longer will need to provide both health and police certificates. 

Australia will be implementing this initiative as of 31 January 2024 for Australia to the UK. For UK passport holders coming to Australia, the changes will be rolled out between 1 July 2023 and 1 July 2024. Visit our blog on this here! 

For more details please refer to the UK Government website 

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