Liam joined anzuk in February 2020 as an SEN specialist with our team based in Bristol. Read on to find out how Liam felt supported joining an Education Agency during the most unique time our teams have ever faced. It’s amazing to see that even during a global pandemic, our values still shine through our educators.


”I registered with anzuk in February with the hope of finding work in an SEN school in Bristol as a learning support assistant. It was a simple process and after a very friendly and insightful interview with my consultant, Laura, I was enrolled with the agency. They sorted out my DBS certificate for me and even paid the £40 fee to get it sorted – with the condition that I would pay it back out of my first pay cheque. 

The day I enrolled was during the February school holiday but the day after the school went back, they had found me a shift at a school! After this first day, and having made a good impression with the school, I was asked to return for the rest of the week and, later, the rest of the term! 

Then, Covid-19 locked down the country and closed down the schools. I was anxious that working for an agency may have negative repercussions regarding furlough payments… My anxiety was unfounded. Throughout this time of lockdown and scarcity of work, anzuk not only made sure I was enrolled in their furlough scheme but also provided regular webinars every step of the way explaining their understanding of how the furlough scheme was going to work and what their plans were for when the schools eventually re-opened. On top of that, they also provided webinars for things like CV polishing, remote teaching opportunities and also more social events like zoom quizzes. 

In short, every bad story you have ever heard about job agencies does not apply here. 

Whenever I have needed a question answered or support in something, the agents at anzuk have been no further than an email, text or call away; really responsive and supportive. 

If you’re considering joining an agency for work in the school sector, look no further. 

Also, they have some really interesting opportunities to work in Australia”.


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