Thinking of living and teaching in Bristol/South West England?

If so then our guide for teachers moving to SW England is a great place to start. To make your house-hunting expedition a lot easier we have created the following detailed guide of some of the best places to live in Bristol/SW England. Our advice here is first hand – from other international educators that have made the move, just like you as well as local anzuk education staff already living the dream.


See here for our detailed Live in Bristol/SW England Guide:  

Live in South West England


There are many reasons why settling down as an international educator in Bristol and SW England is a great choice including a close community renowned for its open-heartedness, career progression, lower cost of living than in larger cities and of course the beautiful country scenery!


Here are five remarkable areas to live within Bristol and South West England: 


  • Bristol: With its vibrant energy and deep historical roots, Bristol showcases a unique blend of old-world charm and forward-thinking dynamism. The city brims with cultural landmarks and a thriving culinary scene, offering a truly captivating living experience. 


  • Bath: Steeped in elegance and sophistication, Bath is renowned for its exquisite Georgian architecture and Roman heritage. This picturesque city is home to the famous Roman baths, stunning Abbey, and charming cobblestone streets, creating a haven of timeless beauty and cultural richness. 


  • Devon: With its breathtaking coastlines, rolling hills, and charming countryside, Devon is a nature lover’s paradise. This captivating county offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including scenic coastal walks, picturesque seaside towns, and the rugged beauty of Dartmoor National Park. 


  • Somerset: Nestled amidst idyllic landscapes, Somerset exudes a quintessential English charm. Quaint villages dot the countryside, while iconic attractions like Glastonbury Tor and Cheddar Gorge leave visitors and residents alike in awe. Somerset offers a tranquil escape and a deep connection to nature. 


  • Swindon: Situated amidst the picturesque countryside, Swindon is a thriving town with easy access to both urban amenities and the beauty of the Cotswolds. It boasts a bustling town center, cultural attractions, and a welcoming community, making it an attractive place to call home. 


Each of these locations in the South West of England offers its own unique charm, whether it’s the vibrant city life of Bristol, the timeless beauty of Bath, the natural wonders of Devon, the tranquillity of Somerset, or the convenient blend of town and countryside in Swindon. 


So, if you’re an educator (Teacher, Teaching Assistant etc) seeking a new adventure, consider Bristol/South West England as your next teaching destination—it may just be the adventure of a lifetime you’ve been searching for! 


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