Hey! I’m Alessia, and I am from arguably, one of the best cities in the world – Melbourne, Australia!

I worked as a primary school teacher in Australia for three years and after the long stint of Covid lockdowns and not seeing more than 5km from my house, it was time for me to set out and finally follow my dreams: move to London with anzuk Education! And I haven’t looked back over two years later! 


What was your experience working in education in Australia? 

While studying my Bachelor of Primary Education, I worked in the Australian equivalent of before and after school clubs that also took kids on trips during the term breaks.

Once I graduated, I secured a full-time teaching role at, funnily enough, the same primary school I went to as a child (can you believe that the same teachers who taught me, became my colleagues?!). I worked my first year in a composite classroom of Years 3 and 4 and then moved into teaching Prep (UK Year 1) for the next two years. I was then to teach thirty 5-year-olds – ONLINE! Thanks, Covid…  


When did you move to London and why? 

I have always wanted to move to London (hello British accents, tea all the time and cold weather! I also naively thought that I would bump into Harry Styles every day so that was a major pull). I was also very intrigued by the cheap flights to Europe which I was desperate to explore further, so a friend referred me to anzuk in Melbourne where I spoke to the most incredible team that supported me on my way to London! I moved after the academic year ended in December 2021 and started teaching in London the following January.  



How did you find your relocation process with anzuk?   

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! I moved to London completely on my own. I knew no one in London and I didn’t know anyone moving over around the same time I was (which was actually quite fun for the social butterfly that I am). Speaking to the team, not only based in Melbourne, but the London team too, really helped ease my anxiety and they helped me work on everything I needed for my move. 

Thankfully for this butterfly, I went to the only social event that the Melbourne team were able to have (due to Covid restrictions) for any educators making the move to London, and luckily, it happened to fall two weeks before I was set to leave. I got to meet some people who were making the move to London around the time I was, so it helped knowing that I may have a friendly familiar face when I arrived on the other side of the world.

Thanks to the Facebook group for any UK Inbound Educators, I was added to a group chat with teachers from both Australia and Canada who were already in London or about to arrive like me. We were all keen to get a group together and go out and do things around London (Aussies in London parties, weekend trips to Europe, and even a weekly pub sesh). I knew that although I would have some time on my own to explore and find a place to live, I could easily get social and make those connections! 


Why did you choose to leave the classroom?  

After teaching for three years in Melbourne and one year in London, I had the urge to try something different. I got to the point where I felt that I was not the educator I wanted to be (positive, uplifting and patient) and not the educator that I felt my students deserved. I had become friends with the anzuk consultants who worked in the London office and spoke to them about how I felt, and then, the opportunity to join the office as a consultant was presented.

I liked the idea that I could help educators that were planning on moving to the UK, and that I could share my own experience of doing the same thing with anzuk. I also loved that I could help find teachers who were so passionate about education and help them find schools where the children would benefit from having such a motivated teacher – one that they deserved. 


What are you most excited about in your new role?   

I had previously worked for a year in the London office on the Northwest team – so I was helping educators find work and place them in the school’s Northwest of London. Through working in this role, I found that I was super passionate about supporting educators with their move to the UK, and ensuring that their move to the other side of the world was as smooth as possible.

So when the role on the Global Team came up, I was KEEN! A role that is centred around supporting educators, but this time, going from the UK to Australia? Right up my alley!  


Alessia’s Top Tips: Do’s and Don’ts   

Say yes to everything! (Within reason): Do I want to go to the National History Museum with a group of people I just met at my hostel 20 minutes ago? YES. Do I want to go to the flower market on Sunday with a friend of a friend who has also just moved to London? YES.

YES, YES, YES! Get yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone! You never know who you will meet. 

Remember why you moved: I assume you didn’t move to the other side of the world so that you would be run down with work, stressed and staying at home every weekend? There is so much to explore in Australia that is only just an hour or so drive away. Set your boundaries and really set a good work-life balance.  

Explore the best Australia has to offer: Australia has the best food, coffee, wine and nightlife – so go out there and try it! There is always something happening in most big cities, such as events, gigs and festivals. There is something for everyone! 

Stay confident: It doesn’t matter that you have no experience with the state’s education curriculum and have only taught in your home country. YOU HAVE STILL TAUGHT!

Be confident that you have your own teaching experience and that you can pick up things quickly. The curriculum is very transferable and most likely, even though the content may be slightly different, the outcomes and learning objectives will still be the same.