In two years Hector has worked in both the London and Melbourne offices! Learn more about him here…

Name? Hector Roose Clark

Nickname? Rooster, Uncle Hec, Hecky

Year joined? 2019

What is your current role? Account Manager

What was your journey like getting to this role? I started my anzuk Journey in the London office in August 2019. My flatmate worked for anzuk and encouraged me to join, I received a message from his TL on LinkedIn and never looked back. I decided to move to Melbourne In April this year to get away from the UK covid situation (the irony) and to be closer to home, which is New Zealand

What did you do before this? Before this, I worked in Financial Services in London as a Headhunter

Fun fact about you? I had a heart operation when I was 15 years old

Favourite country to visit? Mexico – People and Food are amazing and it’s cheap! perfect for a budget traveller like myself