Meet Joy from our London office!

Name? Joy

Nickname? JB, Joyus, Joybell, Jump for Joy,

Year joined? 2012

What is your current role? Marketing

What was your journey like getting to this role? My journey has been wild! I began my journey as a ERC for the Surrey team, moved into the resourcing team in London, I then took a trip on the tin bird and worked with educators in Melbourne for 6 months before returning to London and finding myself working within the Marketing team. Along the way I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of our global colleagues, made some best friends at anzuk and also a fun fact – lived with the CEO for a bit, wild!!!!

What do you do when you’re not working? I’m a bit of a yogi, snuggle my sausage dog way too much and find myself with a glass of red far too frequently.

Fun fact about you? I wouldn’t say its fun but I got bit by a white tail spider in Australia and survived. I have the scar to prove it!

Favourite country to visit? Bali, I love the heat but the beaches, people and food are to die for.