Meet Rebecca, who works in our Bristol branch!

Name? Becky Whitchurch

Nickname? BD (My maiden name was Denham and as there are 2 Becky’s in the office this is how my name was shortened!)

Year joined? 2019

What is your current role? Senior ERC

What was your journey like getting to this role? In a previous life I have been a student, a bar maid, have worked for a housing association which meant a lot of visiting of construction sites (with doughnuts!) & seeing new build houses. I then ‘fell’ into construction recruitment and have been working in education recruitment for the last 10 years!

What do you do when you’re not working? I love finding new places in Bristol to eat, going for countryside walks, meeting up with friends for monthly Book Club (whilst eating cheese & drinking wine!) and visiting the gym (so I can then eat a little more!)

Favourite BE GREAT value? Relationships! This is so super important working across teams in different regions, building strong & long-lasting relationships with both our educators as well as schools so we can find the right fit for both educator & school

Fun fact about you? I was on the set of ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ in America and had a mock mini film made of me on a giant bee saving my brother! I also met the Chuckle Brothers (and have a signed photograph!)

Favourite country to visit? The UK! I love Devon & Cornwall and think it has some amazing beaches, walks, scenery and eateries! (Think pasties and a pints of cider!)