If you are a new teacher joining us in Melbourne, finding a place to live can seem like a daunting task. We’ve chatted with our team to see which areas would be the best for our international teachers.

A few things to keep in mind when looking into potential areas:

  1. Look up the area on a map and pay close attention to where train lines might run. Having public transit at your doorstep makes work and Melbourne living much easier!
  2. Finding an apartment/place to live before you’ve left your home country can be difficult. It’s best to look into these areas closer to arrival and utilize the real estate sites to schedule appointments for when you arrive. Each area has its own unique feel so we want you to experience it firsthand and in person to make an informed decision. However, having an idea of which area before you depart is always a plus.
  3. If you are travelling solo or in a small group you will need to decide whether to join an existing house share or to start your own. It might be worth reaching out to others in our anzuk Facebook communities closer to your arrival to line up house mates or to simply share ideas.

Take a look at this detailed guide of some of our favourite areas to live in Melbourne.

Melbourne Area Guide