My name is Kiara and I’m a born and raised Melbournian (biasedly the best city in Australia)! I worked as a TA while I was studying and a Teacher with ANZUK for just over 5 years and enjoyed every second of it! However, I have now left the classroom and joined anzuk internally in London to support UK and Irish educators move and teach in Australia. I travelled for 8 months through Europe, Morocco, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Central America before settling here in London!  

What was your experience working as a Teacher and Teaching Assistant in Australia with ANZUK education?  

I LOVED teaching in Australia! I found out about anzuk through a university fair at Monash University and decided to sign up, and I quite literally never looked back! As a student your schedule is forever changing and anzuk was always so supportive and flexible with my changes, which was the first time I’d ever experienced my workplace being so easy going with things like schedule changes. All I would do is update my ready2work app and the team would sort out rest and make sure I had work on my updated days. I also built some amazing connections with my consultants who looked after me and felt like they really valued me and my experiences. So, when I graduated from university it was an easy choice for me to continue working as a casual relief teacher (CRT) with anzuk. I love to travel, socialise and enjoy a sneaky wine on a weekday, so CRT was perfect for me to enjoy the flexibility of being able to update my work schedule with what worked for my personal life. Then, when I decided that I was going to do long term travel in 2022, anzuk were fantastic at ensuring I had 5 days a week of work, which was amazing for my holiday savings! Anzuk has honestly been the best working experience of my life, down to the company’s values and the consultants that look after their educators, they honestly are exceptional, which is why it was an easy choice to stay with anzuk on my next adventure in London after my trip.  


What was your experience working in Australian classrooms? 

My first ever day/week working in a classroom was in a SEN school in the Southeast of Melbourne as a TA. It was quite a challenging day, full of surprises, but also extremely eye opening and exciting! The school was really supportive in it being my first day, which anzuk had worded them up on. I learnt a lot in my first week of work, and engaged in learning settings I never thought I would be a part of, as I was studying to be a Physical, Health and Geography Secondary Teacher! That week started my journey in eventually being a permanent teacher at an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) school 3 years later! However, once I graduated, I worked as a CRT as PE teacher for around 2 years and LOVED it, it was fast paced and so much fun getting to explore different schools and demographics around Melbourne, and seeing how different schools ran on a day-to-day basis. I went on heaps of school camps out in regional Victoria, including the Alpine National Park (Great Ocean Road region) and a couple Ski Camps up at Mount Bulla! CRT work taught me how to be prepared for anything and adapt in all types of situations. Values I’ll cherish forever. Then when covid hit I took a go at permanent work in an ASD school, which ended up being an absolute highlight of my career and honestly something I never thought I’d do, but glad I did!  

When did you move to London and why? 

I moved to London Feb 2023 after me and my partner, Finn, finished an 8-month trip around the world! We knew we weren’t ready to go home yet, and we still want to see more of the world, so we wanted to relocate somewhere where we could access the rest of the world easily! I also have some friends already living here and lucky for me my dad was born here, so I’m now a British Citizen! And most of all, why not!?

Why did you choose to leave the classroom? 

After a crazy 5 years in the classroom, Finn and I decided to pack up and sell all our stuff and travel around the world for 8 months! When we did this, we decided we wanted to try something new and experience all that we could in this crazy life! I love teaching and will always value my time in schools, but it felt like the right time to spread my wings and try something completely different, while keeping my foot in the education door! Now I get to help other educators go and live the dream down in Australia!  

What are you most excited about in your new role? 

Helping people experience something new and exciting by supporting them in starting their journey Down Under! I can’t wait to hear about people’s aspirations, and hopefully making them a reality! As said, I love adventure and now my whole job revolves around facilitating other people’s adventures, what more could I ask for?  

How did you find your relocation process with ANZUK? 

Honestly, a little too easy…  

Anzuk were so organised and prepared for all my questions, queries and worries, and it didn’t take them long to calm me down and show me how easy the process can be when supported by the right people! I found the UK bound booklet a life saver, it seriously had everything I needed, from VISA info to tips on where the best coffee might be!  

Obviously, it can be daunting moving across the world, but I just kept reminding myself so many people do this and luckily anzuk is a really social agency, so there are so many social events and online groups for educators before and once you arrive! I also didn’t do the typical relocation with anzuk, I’ve ended up working internally as a team member. In the 2 weeks I’ve been here, I’ve already made so many friends with the people in the office and some of our educators that have moved to London from Australia!  

Kiara’s top tips, do’s and don’ts 

Be open and flexible: Don’t be afraid to try something different – Explore different educational settings, especially if you’re looking for 5 days a week of work.  

Take initiative: Don’t wait around for someone to tell you exactly what to do! Schools can be fast paced and sometimes (most times) things don’t go to plan, so take initiative and use your experience to get the class moving! Maybe bring some old plans or even just ideas you could introduce to a lesson! – you’ll always be asked back if you do this.  

Extra work for holidays/savings:  if you’re looking for more work during the school holidays, there are sometimes school holiday programs anzuk can send you to!  

Embrace the experience: Remember you have your whole life to stay at home and do the things you’ve been doing your whole life! Try something new, the worst that can happen is you go home if it’s not for you (but I promise once your there you’ll love it!)  

Eat, drink, repeat: Australia has some of the best food, coffee and nightlife (Melbourne), get amongst it! There are endless events, restaurants, cafes, festivals (bush doofs if you’re into it), beaches, the list is endless! Take it all in!  

Have fun!