If you’re an international educator thinking about starting your Early Childhood teaching journey in Australia, knowing and understanding the paper requirements can be an overwhelming and confusing process.

Read on and click through the links for a full rundown on navigating the paper trail to ensure you are equipped to kick-start your teaching journey in Australia!

Qualification: To work in any early childhood setting in Australia, you will need to either have a qualification obtained in Australia or apply to ACECQA for an early childhood qualification assessment. This assessment will take 60  days from the date which ACECQA confirms they have received the application to process so it is ideal to start this application before arriving in Australia.  

If you are an early childhood educator based in either Sydney or Melbourne, anzuk can support you with teaching assistant work while you are waiting for your decision letter from ACECQA.  

Working with children’s/vulnerable people check – this is different in each state of Australia and required for all educators. In most states, this means teachers will be required to apply for the necessary teaching registration instead or in addition to this.  

Teaching registration – Teachers will need to hold a registration with the teaching authority in the state they are looking to teach within. These registrations can take around 6 weeks to be approved so this is great to keep in mind if you are planning on living and teaching in different locations in Australia.  

Mandatory reporting certificate – An online course which is required by some states and territories for education professionals. The course outlines the reporting obligations by early childhood educators and teachers to protect children’s wellbeing. This course must be refreshed every 12 months.  

 First Aid certificates – Are recommended but not essential. We would suggest completing your HLTAID012 which covers 1st aid, asthma, anaphylaxis and CPR. CPR with need to be refreshed annually and the other components of the course will be valid for 3 years.  

Immunisation History Statement – There is no longer mandated vaccination requirements in Australian early childhood settings but many services and kindergartens will have their own policies on covid vaccinations, so if you have been vaccinated, it is important you have this information available in an Australian recognized format. 

Police check forms – educators who work with anzuk will be required to complete police check consent forms. This will allow us to complete a police check on your behalf at no cost to you.  

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