If you’re considering making the move to the United Kingdom, you may have already heard of the recent update regarding the increase of the cost for both the UK Youth Mobility Visa and UK Ancestry Visa. 

In July 2023, the UK Government announced there would be an increase in both UK visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). The IHS enables you to access NHS healthcare in the UK during your time you are living there, and it is payable in full at the time of submission of the visa application. 

The increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge will come into effect on Tuesday 6th February 2024.


Youth Mobility Scheme visa increase 

Currently the IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) for the Youth Mobility Scheme visa is £470 per year. As this is currently a two-year visa, that brings the total IHS cost to £940.  

But from January 2024, the IHS will increase to £776 per year, bringing the IHS cost to a total of £1552 for 2 years.  

This is on top of the visa application fee which in October, increased from £259 to £298. 

New total: £1850 (2 years) 


UK Ancestry visa increase 

Currently, the IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) for the Ancestry Visa is £3,120 for five years (£624 per year), with the cost soon to be increasing to £5,175 (£1035 per year) for five years. 

This is on top of the visa application fee which in October, increased from £531 to £637. 

New total: £5812 (5 years) 


Apply as soon as possible to get the lower rate!  

You can lodge your Youth Mobility Visa application up to 6 months prior to your desired start date, so if you are planning to arrive in the UK before the end of June, you can apply for the visa from now. 


How can anzuk help?  

anzuk have a dedicated Visa Support team who will guide you through the whole process; from submitting your application, scheduling your biometrics appointment, to arriving in the UK and collecting your BRP card. They will assess your application and make sure that you have all the relevant information needed for your application to be successful. Our admin fee is only $99. 

Reach out to visasupport@anzuk.education & they will promptly be in contact with you, with the aim of setting you on your way towards great experiences and adventure in the UK. 

If you haven’t yet registered with anzuk please click on the following link & we can chat further about your work preferences: