Are you ready to dive into a new teaching experience here in Australia? Read on & watch our FAQ video to find everything you need to know about the Victorian Department of Education’s International Teacher Incentive and how you can apply today!

What is the International Teacher Incentive, created by the Department of Education?
The Victorian department is addressing the teacher shortage in Australia by offering some financial incentives to International teachers wanting to come teach in Victoria, Australia.

What relocation costs are covered by this incentive?
The main costs that are covered by this incentive are flights, Visa if needed and your VIT application fees.

How does the Reimbursement work? 
After you have successfully signed a contract role, you will receive a reimbursement form that you can attach your payment receipts to. This form will then be reviewed and approved by the Department of Education.

Who is eligible for this initiative?
If you posses a New Zealand teaching qualification and New Zealand teaching registration, you are eligible!

What working Visa is required?
If you are a New Zealand citizen, no Visa is required. If you are a New Zealand permanent resident, a 482 skilled Visa is required and available; for Secondary teachers this is a 4 year Visa and for primary teachers this is 2 years, with the possibility to extend.

If I require Sponsorship, is that an option? 
Yes! Some of the schools we work with have the capacity to provide sponsorship if you require it.

Do teachers still need to sit an English language test if they are coming from New Zealand? 
If your qualifications were completed outside of New Zealand, Australia, The United States of America, The United Kingdom or Canada, an English academic IELTS test will still be required.

Where are the roles available?
Two year contract roles are available in all Government schools all around Victoria and Melbourne, including regional areas, meaning there is something to suit every lifestyle!

What subjects or methods are covered by this initiative? 
Roles are available for all subjects and methods but primarily teachers for:

  • Maths and Science; secondary teachers
  • Special Needs
  • English & Humanities; secondary teachers
  • Other secondary subject areas

When do teachers need to apply by?
As soon as possible! This incentive is running until June 30th 2023, the end of the financial year. Teachers need to interview and sign a contract before June 30th 2023, but they can start their role anytime in 2023. Get in quick and make the most of this fantastic opportunity!

What is anzuk education’s role in this initiative? 
Our team of experience consultants will reach out to you and provide personalised support to identify what permanent contract roles are available, in what locations and schools that best suit your needs. We offer CV writing help that ensures you are able to represent your skills and abilities in the best way possible, as well as interview preparation once you secure this! If successful with the role, we check in with you on a regular basis throughout the term of your contract, providing any support you might require along the way.

How do I get in touch? 
If teaching abroad has been a dream of yours, there is no better time to start your Australian adventure! Reach out to myself today by filling out this contact form and I’ll be in touch with you very soon!