anzuk is an organisation who are committed too and driven by our core values. There isn’t a moment missed where we do not celebrate key diversity, equity, and inclusion events. Throughout the month of June, we have been recognising PRIDE, driven by our culture committee; Bel, Rhea, Rebecca, James and Joy.

On Friday 1st July, I couldn’t be prouder of the inclusion team. There were literally giggles all day, the office was full of colour, and we even filled our kitchen island with a tonne of cake – what more could you ask for! Our Bake Sale was put in place to raise funds for, Just like us, who are a charity that support young pupils with their identity and to thrive within society. I would personally like to thank those who baked and even more so to the locals who supported us and gave incredibly generous donations.

In the afternoon, we were blessed with our Ru Paul Drag Race themed catwalk, hosted by the legendary James and Belinda. There were (questionable) props used, glitter, dancing, a lot of improvisation and 10 out of 10 score cards being thrown from all angels! Check out our tiktok where the fun continuous. Celebrating minorities is imperative when it comes to making your staff, visitors and community feel welcome and supported. I personally am not directly within the LGBTQ+ community, however it’s a movement that I am incredibly inspired by and having friends within minority groups, I have seen how this organisation can change lives. What I have learnt over the years is there is still so much more we can do as individuals to ensure everyone is represented, to allow everyone to have a voice and the fight for equity is far from over. A tiny part of what we do at anzuk will not change the world, but it will allow for a safe place for our staff to thrive and to be proud of who they are, that alone makes me so proud.

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