Are you interested in employing agency educators while prioritising the safety and quality of services for your children?  
When looking for educators centres are faced with many questions, perhaps the most important being, do agency Teachers and Educators adhere to the same regulations as any other staff member working in a licensed children’s service?  
The answer is yes, and at anzuk Education, we are committed to ensuring that our educators and teachers have all the necessary checks and certifications in place to safeguard all children at every service we support.  
To find out some of the safeguards we have in place, read on below:  

  • No staff employed without a valid working with children check/VIT. Educators WWCC are checked for their validity daily by our system. Educators cannot begin their work with anzuk unless we have a copy of either their VIT or WWCC.

  • All staff undergo two industry reference checks, one from a director or member of the management team. Our consultants will only accept references from early childhood professionals. The reference score must average 80% and scores will lower will only be considered at the discretion of the Team Leader.

  • All educators and teachers have qualifications and training in child protection and mandatory reporting and refresh these annually. Our Educators and Teachers are mandatory reporters – They have a legal obligation to record and report any concerns around child safety or harm.

  • Educators only work in Child Safe organisations where services implement child safety standards. Educators and Teachers are inducted at the services they work in, and anzuk provide educators with notice to arrive at least 30 minutes before their first shift to allow time for such inductions.

  • Our educators’ practices are guided by policies that they must read and sign before engaging in any work with anzuk Education. These include but are not limited to:
    – Early childhood code of conduct
    – Child safe
    – Reportable conduct
    The policies are part of our induction process, and educators are unable to work without having read, acknowledged and singed these policies.

  • We follow the Education and Care Services Law and Regulations and aim to exceed the National Quality Standard for education and care services. Any feedback given to us about an educator at the services is promptly followed up with the candidate.

  • Our educators are provided with professional development, including professional development about how to keep children safe. We offer both paid and free sessions that can be accessed outside of their working timeframes, and these training opportunities are reviewed against trends apparent within our teams and the sector to provide relevant and contemporary content.

  • Educators are spoken to about Mandatory reporting requirements in their interviews, and are encouraged to share anything they see or hear to the service director, or their consultant to support them through reporting should they need it. Many of the consultants come from Education backgrounds and have experience working with the scope of the law and regulations. 

As experts in education recruitment, our paramount focus remains on the safety and well-being of every child. We are committed to continuously implementing safeguarding strategies that ensure their protection and cultivate an optimal nurturing environment, enabling them to thrive and reach their fullest potential. 

If you want to learn more about our services or procedures, reach out here today for more information!