We’re so happy to be back after a small break, bringing you episode 5 of exceptional.education!


As always, we have some pretty exceptional guests joining us today.


First up, we have two incredible gentlemen. Jesse Hewitt and Julian Stiencke are the creators of Raymond the Raccon, educational children’s books teaching health and wellbeing. The first book in the series centres around the effects of screen time on the growing brains of children, and encourages kids to instead explore the world around them! They also discuss why they’re so passionate about children’s wellbeing, and what they’re planning on doing next.


We are then joined by the amazing Matthew Chandler, a Kindergarten Consultant with the EC team in Melbourne. Matthew talks about his background in Kindergarten Teaching, his journey into becoming a consultant with anzuk and why he values building strong relationships with everyone around him.


We cherish your feedback on the show and would love to hear from you. If you would like to weigh in on an episode; whether it being a guest yourself or what you would like to hear about, please send an email through to: au@anzuk.education