Do you ever get sick of sitting in traffic in the morning heading across the city, riding the car in front of yours bumper, having to stop/start the whole way to travel 8km in 30 minutes? Do you ever look across the lanes and see those cars heading away from the city and seeing the free-flowing traffic and just think “How lucky are they?” or “What a good run they’re having.” 

My name is Pat, and I am a Senior Account Manager on the North team here at anzuk Education. My blog entry today is to share with you some information that can hopefully change your mind about travelling further distances, but the same amount of time to some terrific schools we have in the Outer North of Melbourne. On the North team we look after schools in Northern suburbs of Melbourne, and we don’t usually have any trouble in filling these bookings, however we do have teachers missing out on CRT days and schools missing out on educators because of what some educators deem as too far to travel for work. So I will quickly take you through a quick comparison in regards to travel times from suburb to suburb and then from the suburbs to Whittlesea. 

Let’s say you live in Preston, to get to Clifton Hill in the morning, during peak hour traffic, you’re looking at taking anywhere between 30-45mins to travel 7km. Stopping and starting the whole way, not getting out of 2nd gear and feeling the road rage rising before you even try and tackle the major issue of finding a car park around the streets of the school. As most schools in these area’s struggle to have any on-site parking. 

Now let’s compare that with travelling from Preston to Whittlesea. You would be heading against traffic, heading away from the city, heading out on the Hume Highway and traveling a little further distance of around 30km, however at the same amount of time. You’re getting out on open road, you’re seeing new surrounds, you’re finding a park on the school grounds, you’re not having to ride the brake in your car. But most importantly, you’re experiencing the terrific smaller, country like schools that we have on the edge of the outer north. This is just one example, but we have amazing schools in closer at closer in places like Mernda, Wollert, Craigieburn, Epping, Thomastown, Campbellfield, Broadmeadows… the list goes on! 

We have had to knock back schools on so many occasions this year due to the fact that some educators won’t travel North of the ring road. But we just want our educators to have a think about their preferences, think about opening themselves up for more opportunities to work in these amazing schools, where in the quieter times in the city, these schools are still putting on large amounts of bookings each week. 

If you wish to talk to your friendly account manager about changes some of your preferences when it comes to travel times, please call in, have a chat and talk to us about the opportunities we have available in our amazing schools in the outer north.