The UK Government has recently announced a new visa scheme, allowing for Graduates from the world’s top universities to apply to come to the UK  

The High Potential Individual (HPI) visa is aimed to at attract the “best and brightest” early in their careers. Graduates will be eligible regardless of where they were born, and will not need a job offer in order to apply.  

Within this blog, we’ll break down the details of the visa, how you can apply & discuss your work options in the UK with anzuk.  

If you meet the eligibility criteria, are a trained teacher or may be interested in support staff work, & want to the adventure of living in the UK, the HPI visa may be the best pathway for you!  



The HPI route is a short-term work visa for individuals at an early career stage, who have shown they have potential to benefit the UK workforce. 

From 30 May 2022, you can apply for the HPI route if you have graduated from an eligible international university in the 5 years immediately before your application. 

In order to apply for this route, your qualification must have been verified by Ecctis. Guidance on how to do this and how much this will cost can be found at Visas and Nationality Services ( 

You don’t need to have a job offer to apply. 

This page lists the eligible international universities for the last 6 years. Select the list for the year you graduated: 

If successful you will be given a 2-year work visa (3-year for those with a PhD) and can switch to other long-term employment visas, if you meet the eligibility requirements. 

How much it costs? 

  • When you apply for a High Potential Individual (HPI) visa, you’ll need to have enough money to: 
  • Pay £210 for Ecctis to check your qualification is valid (£252 if you’re applying from the UK) 
  • Pay the £822 application fee 
  • Pay the healthcare surcharge – this is usually £624 for each year you’ll be in the UK 
  • 2 years – it will cost £1,248 
  • 3 years – it will cost £1,872 
  • Support yourself when you arrive in the UK – you’ll usually need to have at least £1,270 available (You will need to have had the money available for at least 28 days in a row. Day 28 must be within 31 days of applying for this visa.) 
  • Total estimated cost for 2 years = £2,322 
  • Total estimated cost for 3 years = £2,946 


How to apply?  

The UK government has mapped out each of the steps in the process & the relevant criteria you’ll need to meet.  

Please follow the steps listed here UK Gov’s High Potential Individual (HPI) visa:   


What to do once you’ve confirmed your eligibility?  

If you have confirmed you have met the eligibility criteria, we would love to open the discussions around partnering with you to the UK through the HPI visa.  


Where can you go with anzuk in the UK? 

From the rolling countryside to the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas, we provide exceptional experiences in classrooms across the UK. 

Our extensive network includes opportunities in Private, Faith, State and Academy settings, across regional and city locations. We can assist with temporary, contract & permanent opportunities in; 

  • London  
  • Surrey  
  • Bristol & South West England  
  • Wales 

We can arrange Interviews with our partner schools prior to you departing your home country which may even result in an offer of employment remotely. You could also be considered to participate within our Ambassador program, *guaranteeing you 5 days paid relief work most weeks of the school year. 

If you aren’t eligible for the HPI Visa, you may still be eligible for each of the following visas: Youth Mobility Scheme Visa, Ancestry Visa or Skilled Worker Visa.  

Or you may be eligible for opportunities in Australia or New Zealand, to find out more, click here.  


Next steps with anzuk:  

Our team is looking forward to finding out about your adventure and how we can assist you every step of the way. 

If you haven’t yet registered with anzuk please click on the following link & we can chat further about your work preferences.  

Teach in the UK with anzuk 

Or, if you have any friends/peers who may be interested, we offer a $150 referral bonus following 10 days worked in the UK:  

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We look forward to speaking with you soon!