If you want to develop your career in education and build relationships with schools once you finish your degree. Come work with me!

My name is Katie and I started my career in Before, After School Care and Holiday Clubs over 9 years ago and have found this invaluable in my education career. I have worked with educators every day over my career who are enthusiastic and committed to developing themselves as an educator. 

The perks of working in OSHC for your CAREER:

  • Build invaluable relationships with school communities and principals which can support you with opportunities for teaching positions and teacher’s aide positions in the future. 
  • Working with Multi-Age programs gives you the skills and abilities to develop and figure out what age groups are your strengths and determine your preferred classroom age of choice. 
  • Learning experiences that can help you to develop age appropriate lesson plans and games that can be used in your placement and teaching positions. 

The perks of working in OSHC for your LIFESTYLE:

  • Flexible working hours. Due to the nature of the shifts when working in OSHC this can help to work around your university timetable and position you for work when other employees or companies can’t. 
  •  It also provides you with extra work in addition to any teaching days you get as most shifts start at 3:15pm or 3:30pm. 

The most important reason to work in OSHC – its FUN! It’s a play-based environment, which allows you to develop rapport with children and families whilst engaging in fun, exciting activities. You can trial ideas you have with the children, you work alongside other educators who are also studying their degree and mentor them. 

If you’re interested in working in OSHC, please don’t hesitate to send through your resume to katie.h@anzuk.education or call us on 03 9249 2460.