TOP TIPS: NSW Registration for Educators from the UK and Ireland 

To apply for your teaching registration for New South Wales (NSW), you will need to apply through NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and this can only be done once in NSW, you cannot do this outside of the state/country. You will need to have an Aussie phone number to be able to create the accounts and get started with all the applications needed. Below are some steps to follow to help you prepare the documents needed for your arrival, and the steps to take once you arrive to gain accreditation to teach in New South Wales.  

Pre-departure: Prepare documents for NESA (NSW Educational Standard Authority) 

  • Gather transcripts and certificates from any university course including undergraduate, Bachelor of Education, Master of Education or PGCE (if you did multiple courses, you will need both/all courses’ documents verified). Every page must be verified.  
  • Have coloured copies of those documents signed and verified before you make the journey to Australia. Can be verified by a police officer, head teacher (principal), or Peace Commissioner (more info on Who Can Verify Docs). 
  • Once verified, scan/upload the documents onto a device to take with you (we also recommend packing the hard copies in case you lose the digital ones). 

Arrival in NSW: Apply for Working with Children Check (WWCC), NESA and the DET 

  • Apply for WWCC once arriving in NSW. This is started online, but you will need to finish the application in a Service Centre. You must provide the following documents: 
  • Australian phone number. 
  • Passport and visa approval. 
  • Bank statement from the last 12 months (can be from UK or Ireland). 
  • Bank card from new Australian account. 
  • Apply to NESA (can make profile when you first arrive). 
  • Must have WWCC approved 
  • Apply for Provisional Registration 
  • Must have NESA approved 

This process will take around 4-8 weeks to be completed from when you first apply for your WWCC to getting approval to teach through DET. During this application and processing time you will not be able to work as a teacher within the state of NSW, but the team in Sydney will be in touch with you to support and get you Ready2Work.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Global Consultant, however, please keep in mind that we are not experts around the teaching registration process but will help you out as best we can.