As an Overseas Qualified Teacher, you will be applying to the Victorian Institute of Teaching for Provisional Registration as a CRT (Casual Relief Teacher), even if you will be working contracts. The following are some helpful tips we have for the application, and this is not an exhaustive guide.  


Postal Address:

The VIT will ask you for your current address and postal address. The postal address is where the approval package with your physical VIT card will be sent to. You can list one of our Melbourne office addresses and you can pick it up from the office when you have your registration meeting. Check with your Australian based consultant to confirm which office this meeting will be held in.


Our Melbourne office addresses are:


Collingwood (North):

anzuk Education

2-4 Down Street

Collingwood VIC 3066


Melbourne (South): 

Level 10 – anzuk Education

390 St Kilda Road

Melbourne VIC 3004

*Be sure to copy this address exactly to ensure it finds its way to us, as 390 St Kilda Road is a high-rise building with a lot of different businesses.


Qualification Documents: 

You will need to provide the certificate and transcripts for ALL university courses. Transcripts from courses specific to education need to show proof you have completed a minimum of 45 days of teaching placement. 

The VIT will grant registration to educators with any of the following qualifications: 

  • Four-year Bachelor of Education (Educators from Ireland) 
  • Any undergraduate with PGCE/PGDE, except for some school-based programs (Educators from the UK) 
  • Any undergraduate with a Master of Education (Educators from the UK and Ireland) 


Identity Documents: 

  • Commencement of ID Document: This will be your approved Visa. (You MUST have your visa granted to apply to the VIT)
  • Primary Document: Passport (Must be valid)
  • Secondary Documents: Driver’s License and Trusted Referee’s Form – This is basically a declaration signed by a notary to prove you are who you say you are. Please see this link for the form.  You can have the Trusted Referee Form signed by a police officer or school headteacher/principal, and they will complete the Accredited Body Details with their name and contact details.

In relation to these documents, you will need to complete a Verification of Identity Form, and this can also be signed by a police officer or school headteacher/principal – the same person who has signed the Trusted Referee Form. Your Trusted Referee can be located in your home country, they do not need to be in Australia. The Accredited Body is the Trusted Referee who must complete this section of the form:

International Police Check: 

You will need to apply for a police certificate from any country you have lived in for twelve or more months in the last ten years. 

For police certificates covering your time in the UK, we recommend applying to ACRO – this can be used for international purposes.  

IMPORTANT: You must send the police certificate in with the whole application within 7 days of receiving it. COMPLETE THIS LAST right before you apply. If you need checks from more than one country, only the check from the country you currently reside in needs to be sent in within 7 days of receiving it.  

If you are from the UK (including Northern Ireland) or have lived in the UK, you can apply for a police certificate from ACRO. If you are from the Republic of Ireland, you can apply for a police certificate with the Garda.  


If you receive an email from the VIT after submitting your application asking if you have a teaching position organized in Victoria, you can tell them yes, and that you are employed as a teacher by anzuk Education.  


If you have questions about the application, please feel free to reach out to the team, but you can also call or email the VIT directly. You can also refer to the How to apply for registration if you’re a graduate’ video (linked) on the VIT YouTube channel. Even though you may not be a graduate, as an overseas educator you will be applying for provisional registration which is covered in the video.

For official answers to your questions, you can email the VIT directly, or feel free to post your questions into our travelling educator Facebook groups as there might be others that have had similar experiences.