Welcome to the captivating city of Perth, Australia, where pristine beaches, vibrant urban landscapes, and a warm community spirit intertwine to create an enchanting destination to live and teach. Nestled on the western coast of the country, Perth offers a unique blend of natural wonders, cultural diversity, and a thriving educational environment that will leave you feeling star struck!

Whether you’re a seasoned educator searching for a fresh start or an adventurous soul seeking a place to call home, Perth’s allure is sure to captivate your heart and ignite your passion for teaching. In this blog you’ll find some insight into teaching in Perth with anzuk, as well as an Area Guide that explores some popular living destinations in this beautiful city!

Why work in Perth

Perth might just be the most welcoming city for newcomers. Known for its beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather, it’s also inhabited by extremely friendly people.

Perth is famous for operating at a slower pace, and the common fast and stressful characteristics that are part of big city life are neither missed nor sought after. Free from the congestion of its eastern counterpart cities, Perth is uncomplicated, yet lively enough to offer a great work life balance -featuring both a booming trendy nightlife and excellent outdoor activities.

Beyond its awe-inspiring landscapes, Perth is home to a multicultural community that embraces diversity and fosters inclusivity. The city’s diverse culture enriches the educational landscape, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and open-mindedness. As a teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with students from a wide range of backgrounds, broadening your own horizons and promoting a global perspective within the classroom.

Public Transport 

Perth is an easy city to get around via public transport, and the city’s great weather means walking, and biking are good options all year round. To use public transport including buses, trains, and ferries in Perth, you will need a Transperth SmartRider card. You can purchase a SmartRider card at any Perth transport centre or retail outlet and trains and buses include free transit zones, making it easy to travel through the CBD and onto your destination.

Neighbourhoods and Housing in Perth

Although the actual metro region of Perth is small, it covers a lot of space. It stretches 140 km in north-south direction, from Two Rocks to Mandurah, and about 50 km from the ocean to the Shire of Mundaring in the west.

The City of Perth itself is the main suburb located on the northern bank of the Swan River, in the heart of town. It’s home to the central business district (CBD) and main shopping area. If you prefer city living, you may consider an apartment in one of the newer high rise residential buildings in the CBD.

Popular suburbs in Perth include West & East Perth, Scarborough, Fremantle, Rockingham and Joondalup. For a deep dive into each of these beautiful areas, check out our Live in Perth Area Guide!


Once you have explored and chosen your preferred suburb, the following resources will be helpful in finding and applying for your future home:

Local History

Perth has a rich First Nations history with learning opportunities for newcomers, including the Lotteries West Federation Walkway which includes a treetop walk. The walk includes educational plaques that even discuss the region’s wildlife. They also include the history of our states First Nations people and times of early settlement.

Tours and other cultural experiences are run by First Nations people who have a strong ancestral connection to this country and a deep understanding of their culture and knowledge of the land.

Booming Education Sector

One of the highlights of teaching in Perth is its world-class education system. Renowned for its high academic standards and commitment to innovation, Western Australia’s education sector provides ample opportunities for professional growth and development.

At anzuk Education we can support you in gaining a variety of Casual and Permanent positions in Early Childhood, Private and Independent Schools, including:

  • Assistant Educators
  • Lead Educators
  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Educational Leaders
  • Directors & Assistant Directors
  • Area Managers
  • Curriculum Managers
  • Primary and Secondary school teachers

Financial Benefits

Depending on your situation, you can also be eligible for some incredible financial benefits for teaching in Perth as it is considered a regional area; some of these include:

  • $5000 reimbursed on relocation to Australia (*regional)
  • $2000 on commencement in regional area
  • Subsidized rent in regional area
  • Sponsorship available in some Schools and Childcare Centres

Overall, Perth is a city that offers not just a job, but a lifestyle that will nurture your passion and enrich your soul. To learn more about how we can help you start your educator journey in Perth, reach out here today or contact your consultant for more information!