Throughout Covid-19, schools & settings across Australia have had measures in place to minimise the impact of the pandemic on teaching & learning. anzuk Education have and will continue to work in partnership with our educators and clients to streamline implementation of these measures.  

On Monday the 22nd of June, the Acting Chief Health Officer, the Minister for Health, announced changes to the COVID-19 workplace vaccine mandates in Victoria. From 11.59pm on Friday 24 June 2022, staff in mainstream schools & ECE settings will no longer be required to meet vaccination requirements to attend work. 

We understand that circumstances of our educators may have changed since this recent announcement. To express interest in working at anzuk as a CRT, please follow the link here. 


Key Details of the mandate change: 

  • There are no changes to the requirements for staff in specialist schools as mandatory vaccination requirements remain in place for those working with vulnerable people.  
  • Staff within these settings are still required to have 3-doses of a COVID-19 vaccine to work in specialist schools. 
  • Some schools & ECE settings will consider setting COVID-19 vaccination policies as part of their own workplace conditions (such as with anaphylaxis & first aid certifications)  
  • Masks must still be worn in sensitive settings such as hospitals and care facilities. Some workplaces (including ECE and school settings) may continue to require this as part of their own workplace conditions  
  • Positive cases must still isolate for seven days from the day a positive test was returned. An important change however is that people isolating due to a positive test can now drive a household member directly to or from education or work if they do not leave their vehicle. They can also leave home to get medical care, a COVID-19 test, or in an emergency, including the risk of harm. 
  • Visitor caps to care facilities, including residential aged care and disability are removed. Residents can see any number of people, provided they test negative on a rapid antigen test that day. If a test is unavailable, a person can only be present for limited reasons such as end-of-life visits. Centres may introduce their own visitor rules to respond to local risk. Again, this will impact some of our schools & settings who cater for children with disabilities. 
  • Schools & ECE settings will continue to have strong mitigation measures in place, including enhanced ventilation such as air purifiers, ongoing use of rapid antigen testing and ensuring those who are unwell stay home. This will continue to help minimise the threat of COVID-19 circulating through the workplace. 
  • Vaccination remains strongly recommended for all staff, contractors, volunteers, and visitors working at Victorian government schools & ECE settings. 


What this means as a CRT working for anzuk?  

We value the role we play in providing continuity in learning for all children and appreciate the impact we can have on facilitating career pathways in special education needs. While it is not mandatory, we will continue to collect proof of vaccination on a voluntary basis to ensure we can continue to partner with people that can have a positive impact on children within SEN settings and other settings which still require vaccinations.  


For further information about working as a CRT at anzuk please contact our team here