So, you have decided to dive into the wonderful world of tutoring. Tutoring is a fantastic way to continue to build on your teaching skills and knowledge base whilst also building relationships with parents; not a bad way to top up your coffers with some pocket money as well.

There are so many options out there for tutoring so it’s important you do your research and get yourself prepared if you want to stand out from the crowd. With online and face to face options it can sometimes be hard to know where to start.

Below we are going to take you through some tips and tricks on how to get started as well as the most effective way to build your reputation and keep parents and students coming back for your services.

Getting Started:

  • Decide what areas you are going to focus on – Think about your teaching strengths and where you will get the most benefit for yourself and your students.
  • Decide what medium you prefer – Do you want to be face to face or online? There are loads of services and it’s important to know what you can provide.
  • Decide how often you can commit to tutoring – Make sure it fits around your current schedule and don’t over commit
  • Create a personal profile you can send to parents – This can be just a personal statement about your strengths
  • Have some references – Often parents will want references from previous tutoring. Provide them with someone you have taught with or have provided support for in the past.
  • Offer your first free session to get to know them and decide if they are for you and you are for them

When you have confirmed your weekly tutoring:

  • Complete a proforma to explain what you will be going over with the student and parent- Use our attachment as a guide.
  • Bring resources – It’s great to come up with ideas to speak about but having content is so much more effective. You also look more professional to the parents. We have several resources available for most learning areas so get in touch if you need them.
  • Be on time and consistent – Nothing screams professionalism like consistency. Make sure you give the parents plenty of warning if you need to change an appointment.

Continuing and building your reputation:

  • Provide homework or online resources – This will show the students willingness to learn and can also be used to follow up on for the following weeks lesson.
  • Be open to discussion around helping others and offer your support to the parent’s friend – Just make sure you have the time and commitment.

Remember that building relationships is the most important skill that we have. If you can be effective and build a strong relationship with the parents of your first tutor your name will spread and you will find parents queuing up for your services.

So get out there, build your profile, get together your resources and provide exceptional educational experiences for students and parents. At the end of the day it’s all about helping students to be their best and brightest.


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