Applying for your teaching registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) can be completed before you depart New Zealand. This is great as it saves some downtime on arrival if you have already completed this process. 

You cannot apply for your VIT until you are within 6 weeks of arriving. We suggest you get the process started at this point to allow time for the application to be processed before you land.  

NZ and Australia have in place a Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement, and this applies to applying for your VIT also. This means VIT will recognise your  New Zealand teacher registration which will streamline the initial registration process for the equivalent registration type. 

If you hold provisional registration in New Zealand you are likely to obtain provisional registration via mutual recognition. 

If you hold full registration in New Zealand you are likely to obtain immediate full registration via mutual recognition. 

Initial registration costs AU$167

Paperwork to prepare for the application: 

You can find how to get documents certified and the list of acceptable occupations for authorised people here. Principal, doctor or pharmacist are some options for you, as well of course a JP.   

The application process: 

  1. Create a MyVIT account here.
  2. Once you have set this up, it will take you to New User Registration page.  Click NO for the first question, then move through completing your details over the next pages. 
  3. Now you are on your MyVIT Click Apply for Registration from this screen.
  4. Work through the questions, and once you state you are registered as a teacher in NZ it will bring up the Application for Registration (Mutual Recognition), with 8 modules to complete. 


Module 1 – Should already be ticked green.


Module 2 – Complete your registration details, then print off the statutory declaration, complete this and upload again. You will need to get an authorised witness to also sign this form for you.


Module 3 – Choose Add Qualifications – complete fields. If the name of the provider where you studied isn’t on the list in the search box, tick I Can’t Find My Provider, then you can free type it. This is also the case for the name of your qualification.  

Note to new grads – for the completed date of your qualification, this is the date you have received official evidence you have completed the course, not the last day of your study.  

If you graduated in the past, you can choose an approximate date when you received your official transcript.  

When you are choosing your subject specialisations – this is for statistical use, and won’t have any bearing on the type of application you will be granted, so just answer to the best of your ability. 

ECE Teachers – Now is when you confirm your qualification is approved by ACECQA. If you aren’t sure which option to choose, you will need to verify this with ACECQA. 

Now is the time to upload your certified Evidence of Completion and Academic Transcript. If these are together on the one document, you will need to upload it twice, once under each name.  


Module 4 – Complete the personal details as requested:


Module 5 – Name History – complete as relevant 


Module 6 – Address History – complete as per instructions 


Module 7 –Suitability – you may end up having to provide an overseas police check here if you have lived in another country in the last 10 years for more than one year 


Module 8 – You need to provide a NZ Police Check here, and potentially other OS police checks if you have lived abroad.  


Extra support – you can watch the 13 minute video from the VIT on how to apply through Mutual Recognition here  


Postal Address:

The VIT will ask you for your current address and postal address. The postal address is where the approval package with your physical VIT card will be sent to. You can list one of our Melbourne office addresses and you can pick it up from the office when you have your registration meeting. Check with your Australian based consultant to confirm which office this meeting will be held in.


Our Melbourne office addresses are:


Collingwood (North):

anzuk Education

2-4 Down Street

Collingwood VIC 3066


Melbourne (South): 

Level 10 – anzuk Education

390 St Kilda Road

Melbourne VIC 3004

*Be sure to copy this address exactly to ensure it finds it’s way to us, as 390 St Kilda Road is a high-rise building with a lot of different businesses.