We get a lot of questions about WHEN the new Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the UK will be active, allowing citizens of both countries to live and work for up to 3 years (without needing to complete specified work to extend their visa) up until the age of 35.  

There is no clear start date as yet unfortunately – all we know is that changes will happen prior to the end of 2023.  


The good news for UK citizens is that if you are currently under 31 and apply for the current iteration of the Australian Working Holiday Visa

you will be able to apply for a 2nd and/or 3rd year once the FTA is officially in place.  

Even if you have already used your Working Holiday Visa previously, as long as you are still under 36 you will be eligible to apply for at least another year.

When the changes do commence applicants can choose to apply for a first, second and third visa at any time while you still meet the eligible age requirement.

You do not need to stay in Australia for three years in a row. 

It is still unclear as to whether the same will apply to Australian citizens moving to the UK, although discussions seem to be suggesting it will be reciprocal. 


So, what if you are getting close to the age of 36?

Hang in there, we are hopeful that change could happen prior to 2023. If not, we are happy to discuss alternatives to the Working Holiday Visa with you. 

For official updates please visit https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/what-we-do/whm-program/latest-news/arrangements-uk-passport-holders 


For more information, see the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. 


For an overview of the current UK Bound Youth Mobility Scheme Visa click here – For the Aus version click here. 


What about Kiwis? Recently both the NZ and UK governments have agreed to follow a similar agreement as to the AUS/UK Free Trade arrangement – check out our blog for similar updates.  

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