IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The test measures the language proficiency of those who want to work or study in countries where English is the native language spoken. This includes the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

IELTS has two types: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Both tests assess your English language skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

To be recognised as a Teacher in Australia you must complete the Academic version of the test. 

Do I need to complete an English test? 

Educators are not required to complete an IELTS or other English Language test to apply for teaching registration/accreditation in Australia unless they completed their teaching qualification outside of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada and the United States. 

How much does an IELTS test cost & when should I take it? 

The IELTS Academic test can cost anywhere between 227 – 268 depending on which country you complete it in. 

IELTS test results are usually valid for up to 2yrs, however we suggest you take the test between 3-6 months prior to arriving in Australia to allow time to re-book should you need to re-sit. Be aware that there could be a lengthy wait to schedule a test in some countries. 

How do I schedule an IELTS test & where can I take it? 

You can schedule your IELTS test via a Bookings link based in your home country. In most cases you will need to visit an official office to take the test, however in some instances you may be able to complete it online at home. Find out here. 

How can I prepare for the test? 

The IELTS website suggests you complete their Practice Tests. Other Educators have also agreed with this and in some instances are happy for us to share their email addresses with you should you wish to connect and ask them directly. 

How long until I receive my results & what results do I need to provide to register as a Teacher in Australia? 

  • Results for IELTS on paper will be released 13 days after your written test. 
  • Results for IELTS on computer will be available 3–5 days after your test. 
  • If you have taken IELTS Online, you will receive your Test Report Form electronically. It will be available 3–6 days after your test.  

Teachers need to obtain achievement in the Academic module with an overall score of 7.5, comprised of the following skill areas 

  • Speaking – 8.0 
  • Listening – 8.0 
  • Reading – 7.0 
  • Writing – 7.0 

Please note – teachers must reach the required scores for each skill area regardless of their overall score. 


Band score  Skill level  Description 
9  Expert user  The test taker has fully operational command of the language. Their use of English is appropriate, accurate and fluent, and shows complete understanding.
8  Very good user  The test taker has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriate usage. They may misunderstand some things in unfamiliar situations. They handle complex and detailed argumentation well.
7  Good user  The test taker has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings in some situations. They generally handle complex language well and understand detailed reasoning. 


What if I fail part of the test – can I re-sit it? 

Currently, only Test-takers in Australia are able to access the One Skill Retake option, however there will be a global roll out to follow this year. IELTS One Skill Retake will enable test takers to redo one of the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, or Speaking) if they did not achieve the score they aimed for the first time around. 

So, for the time being you would be required to re-sit the test in its entirety should you fail any section of it. You would also need to pay in full again. 


Reach out to your anzuk consultant for further information or advice.