When is the best time to arrive in Australia?

Firstly, congratulations on your plan to relocate Down Under and have an Aussie Teaching Adventure! A common question we hear from our International Educators is “When is the best time to arrive in Australia?”. The response we give is dependent on a number of factors and personal preferences, however we’ve listed some key contributors to consider below: 


Teachers seeking regular Temp/Relief work: 

We are expertly placed to provide casual relief opportunities and support your career goals, whilst giving you the flexibility to enjoy being in a new country.  

We are typically relatively busy year-round, however things peak towards the end of Term 1 (early April) and are really busy right through until late October, early November. It can be quieter for secondary educators after exams start early November, however primary and Special Education opportunities will continue well into December.  

Casual work can be used as a gateway to try out schools before exploring contract opportunities, or as a way of having a flexible work schedule to fund your travel plans!  

We do offer guaranteed work agreements for the right educators, which run during our busier times of the year, ranging between 3-5 days per week *guaranteed! 

 * VIC and NSW only 


Teachers Seeking Contract/Permanent Work: 

Schools are happy to interview teachers while they are still located overseas. 

For shorter-term contracts, there are vacancies year-round, usually starting at the beginning of each term. For longer-term contracts (12 months or permanent roles), the majority of these vacancies start in January, aligning with the school year, with interviews taking place in November and December. 

Vacancy Awareness: If you express an interest in contracts or permanent roles, our consultants in Australia will keep you informed about suitable positions as they become available.  

Sponsorship is becoming more common among schools, especially in secondary schools and SEN (Special Needs) schools. 

Temporary work is a great gateway to securing a contract, allowing you time trial a variety of settings before committing to a contract. This is the most typical route to securing contract roles for Travelling Educators. 


Early Childhood Educators seeking Temp work: 

Our busiest periods for Early Childhood Temp work are generally from February through to December. January can generally be a little quieter due to school holidays (Kindergartens will close and many parents remove their younger children from services to holiday), however we can often offer *Outside School Hours Care Holiday Program work for educators who are interested in these work opportunities as well. Winter months in Australia (June through August) are typically our busiest periods across every state. 

*VIC and NSW only 


 Ambassador contracts 

Our Early Childhood division offers Ambassador Contracts for educators who are open to guaranteeing availability for guaranteed pay for a three-month period. For example, if you guarantee availability for 5 days per week for three months and anzuk Education are unable to provide you with work on a particular date, you will be paid for this date.* 


*T&Cs apply. Please ask your consultant for further details around this. 


Early Childhood Educators seeking Perm/Contract work:  

Busy Periods & Vacancy awareness::  

There are vacancies all year round for EC educators across Australia.  

There are many different types of early childhood settings and our permanent consultants will work alongside educators when they arrive in Australia to align their preferences to the correct centres.  

Helpful information:  

Early Learning Centres generally won’t offer permanent roles for educators outside of Australia prior to arrival. The exception being if someone is an Australian or NZ passport holder. Therefore, generally the recommended option will be to come onboard as a casual early childhood educator initially – once you find a centre you enjoy –  3, 6 and 12 month contracts are available. Some centres will offer sponsorship (for Early Childhood Teachers country wide). Diplomas can often be sponsored in NSW and in Perth.  


Exposure to a variety of settings that could lead to Contract work 

As a Casual Educator working through anzuk Education, you will be granted the opportunity to work across a wide range of services in your area – exposing you to a variety of philosophies and methodologies. This is also a great chance for you to find service that is the “right fit” for you and potentially lead to contract work or permanent placement. 



 Typical Academic Calendar (4 terms) 


*Early Childhood centres/settings generally close for only 2 weeks over Christmas and Easter 


Don’t let the weather influence your decision too much as it is always warm somewhere in Australia, and our Winters are nowhere near as cold as those in the Northern hemisphere. Schools are closed between Christmas and the end of January. 


Reach out to your Consultant to find out more. 


You can also learn more in our webinar, conducted by our expert Global Consultants, Rowan and Korri, who take you through the ins and outs of travelling and working in Aus!

Click here to watch the webinar!