Over the years, I’ve worked with students with behaviours of concern, ASD, ADHD, CD, physical and emotional disorders, and gained experience with mild, moderate and severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

The best part about teaching in a special education setting is the opportunity to have a positive, lasting impact on the lives of children and youths with disabilities. Days vary greatly from one day to the next. You constantly learning about yourself, your students and the other adults in your team. You forge lasting friendships and learn to laugh at yourself as you overcome the challenges of each day.

Students all differ in ability, age, learning style, personality and cultural backgrounds. All have unique learning needs based on their disabilities and may require specially designed instruction, adapted materials, speech-language therapy, and adaptive physical education opportunities.

As a Special Education Teacher, I’m proud to join anzuk Education and help other teachers have opportunities to work in special education settings. The schools we work with provide;

  • Specifically designed instruction for students with disabilities
  • Adaptive and assistive materials to match the special needs of each student
  • A supportive and therapeutic environment for students to learn
  • Guidance for casual teachers and support throughout the day.

Get in touch with me and find out how you can work in our network of partner schools in special needs settings.