Armela is a teacher originally from Canada, who has been teaching in Melbourne, Australia! If you’re thinking about living and teaching in Aus then this blog is perfect for you. Armela explains the process of moving, finding work, the biggest differences between Canada and Australia, her best travel advice and more…

Why did you decide to teach in Australia?
In 2019, I graduated from Brock University. Prior to graduation, I attended the Job Fair in Hamilton, where I had the opportunity to speak to many recruitment agencies and school boards. Anzuk stood out to me, as they discussed the different teaching opportunities they had in both Australia and the UK. Australia has always been a destination I have wanted to go to and after speaking to Cooper about his experience teaching in Melbourne, I knew I had to make the move! I left in June of 2019 and am still here nearly two years later!

What made you choose anzuk as your preferred agency?
I chose anzuk as my preferred agency, as they offered teaching opportunities in many different parts of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Geelong and Perth. Anzuk was also very supportive in assisting with the entire process, from registering for your VIT to landing in Melbourne. My teaching experience was catered to my needs and preferences and I was even put on an ambassador program that guaranteed me casual relief work throughout my time with anzuk. I am so thankful that I chose anzuk, as they really care about their teachers and support them throughout their entire journey.

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