It may seem like forever ago, but what an awesome event our Class of January 2020 was! It was so fantastic to see everyone swapping numbers and making new friends. Since then, the world has changed dramatically. However, as we start moving towards to a post covid-19 world, it’s nice to look forward to the opportunities that await us and the places we can travel.

As part of my trip for the January 2020 event, I visited a few of our UK offices. I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you from my visit!

I was really excited to see our Newport office in South East Wales. It’s awesome to be able to offer overseas educators the opportunity to experience a different style of British life outside of the big city smoke of London.

Newport is full of cultural surprises. Did you know that Kurt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love at the famous TJ’s (now closed) -an alternative music club in Newport? Now you do. There are lots of busy pubs, bars, and restaurants in the area, all with a great atmosphere and lots of friendly locals, always up for a chat.

The city itself is vibrant with lots of great places to shop including the cool Newport Market which is a traditional Victorian indoor market with over 100 stalls over two floors. Newport also has a great Arts scene with wonderful performances being held at Doloman Theatre and Riverfront Arts Centre. The Newport Festival which runs in the summer months is also super fun.

If history is more your thing, then you must go and see the remains of a twelfth-century castle not far from the Newport city centre and the Roman remains in nearby Caerleon.

One of the great things about working in Newport, compared to other areas, is the cheap rent. As an example, a couple, both working as TA’s would earn approximately £700 per week (£60-£70 a day each) and yet rent in this area is approximately £200-£400 a month, leaving you with lots of money for travelling!

The same is to be said for a fully qualified teacher. Anzuk mirror the UK framework policy pay and so the minimum rate of pay for a teacher would be £127 a day. Even if you rent at the upper end of the market, £550-£650 a month, you’ll still have ample money to spend or save.

Newport, just 12 miles from Cardiff, is easily accessible to other cities in the UK. You can get to Bristol in 30 mins and to London in only 1 hour 40 mins by train. If you want to stray from the railways, hire a car. It will typically be around £25 per day with a company like Europcar, and you will have the opportunity see other British towns and cities or even explore the famous Brecon Beacons; a breathtaking range of mountains that include South Wales’s highest mountain.

Since opening, our Newport office have built relationships with a diverse range of schools and there is a lot of work available. Get in touch to hear how we can support you with your UK adventure.