This week I continue to explore our values at anzuk. describes the word as “a feeling or opinion about something or someone, or a way of behaving that is caused by this”.

Below is how I would capture what Attitude is all about @ anzuk:

Understanding;  Why you are a part of the anzuk team and driving positive action with a smile on your face.

Embracing challenge; How you deal with adversity and failure – applying a growth mindset, whilst demonstrating a willingness to welcome in and share your vulnerabilities

Impacting others; Contagious positive behaviour whilst playing your part in helping others achieve

Invest; Devoting yourself to what you do and the people your work with and assisting along the journey.

Solution seeker; Relentless pursuit to always hunt down solutions, remaining optimistic and embracing the challenges you are faced with every day 🙂

Applying a great attitude is critical in providing an elite level of customer service, however, more importantly, delivering the outcome of exceptional experiences for students on a daily basis