So you’ve decided to make the move over to the UK to do some Teaching and a lot of travelling but how do you get started? As someone who had done the move myself (along with 1000’s before me), here is what I have learnt.

First off,  the most important items to tick off are your NI (National Insurance number, UK version of TFN) you’ll need an address to get this sent out to you but unlike a TFN you are able to work without one but you’ll pay a higher tax until you get so best to sort quickly. You’ll want to have a UK bank account, HSBC was good for me and anzuk have a good relationship with them!

Finding a property can be a real headache! However, it is a big business over here in the UK so we generally find people lock in a place within 3-4 days of being over here. One of the most helpful apps you can use is called Spare Room, you can set exactly what you’re looking for e.g. 2 bedrooms, within 5 kms of West London and an En Suite for less than £500 a month and it will show you all the properties that fit that criteria. I suggest to not to lock anything in before you land as photos can always be deceiving, have a hostel or an Airbnb booked for a couples days and see the places in person.

Meeting people; this is one of the reasons you moved over here. There are a tonne of groups you can join that will fill up your calendars with a whole lot of different events. anzuk have a range of sporting teams including an Aussie rules team, a Netball team and two Rugby teams. I would also highly recommend joining a few Facebook groups like Aussies in London, Kiwis in London and our main anzuk page. There is always plenty of activity on these regarding upcoming events, properties and jobs.

Finding a job may seem like the most daunting part but that’s where we come in, whether you’re looking to arrive with a position ready to go or ease it in and start with daily supply (CRT work) and find the right school that suits you. Your overseas anzuk consultant is always happy to discuss your options and work out the best plan of action for you.  Our schools are also very happy to have an interview over Skype that will help get you information straight from the source, so you will never be going in blind and just taking a job based on second hand information. We do suggest making sure you have an up to date CV before you leave with all your relevant teaching information, experiences and references.

If you have any concerns about the process, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I look after teachers and TA’s in the North West of London and my email is and would love to hear from you!