Empower hits right at the heart of the anzuk purpose. We are empowered each and every day to create exceptional experiences for the learners of today.

Being empowered along with empowering others is a formidable (and enjoyable) state to be in, what impact are you having on those around you?

I capture our value of Empower:

Delegation of authority; Our team members are trusted and charged with the responsibility to make decisions, impacting the community on a daily basis.

Opportunity; Providing an exceptional educator for short and or long-term assignments has the potential to deeply impact the lives of students. The opportunity of this nature is met with the need to provide feedback, both positive and constructive. Our consultants embrace these moments to deeply impact the careers of our educators.

Boundaries vs Boundaryless; Understanding the room you have to express yourself, make the decision, act with insight vs being left to your own devices and hoping for great outcomes

Upskill; Driving outstanding outcomes through investment in learning and growing each others competency. Empowering others to influence outcomes is easily done through a shared mindset of growth.