Alex Dawson is a Primary trained teacher from Queensland who qualified from the University of the Sunshine Coast.  Four years ago he made the move to the UK with anzuk and hasn’t looked back!  Here’s what he had to say about it….


Why did you decide to move overseas to teach?

I wanted to move overseas to travel and make the most of being close to Europe. Every school half term I was going somewhere new.

How did you find the transition and registration process?

It was pretty easy to get registered. The London team were well organised and got me sorted quickly. The transition took some adjustment as London is huge, but I loved the challenge!

How did you find the support from anzuk?

You guys were a great agency and always very supportive. I liked how there were always people to talk to and I loved the parties that you guys hosted; they were great fun.

What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in Australia/UK and your home?

I am from Australia, so this question is difficult to answer. The biggest differences between teaching in UK and Australia are the people. I loved the diverse cultures I met while I was in the UK and the opportunities, I got to teach children with so many different backgrounds.

What do you most enjoy about teaching and living overseas?

I loved teaching overseas so much as I got to learn about different cultures. Some of my favourite places I have been to include Split, Croatia and Barcelona, Spain.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of making the move overseas?

If I were to give advice to someone moving overseas it would be to make the most of every holiday you get over there. I was there for 4 years because of an Ancestry visa and I was so happy to have the extra time. Travel every holiday and see as much as you can! I also would say it is more fun to go to places on your own and make friends in the hostels as I didn’t end up enjoying tours much. It is also way cheaper.

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