Getting around London can be a very stressful thought for newcomers, with this blog you will have no trouble when you arrive and will soon be a pro with getting yourself from A to B. This will cover the most common terms used by the locals, terms such as ‘postal codes’, ‘payment’, ‘city mapper’, ‘door to door’ ‘the tube’ and ‘Boris bikes’.


London has kept up to date with the payment methods and many people use their contactless cards or phones when tapping onto transport. If you are more traditional and want to easily keep track of how much you are sending on transport, you can pick up an ‘oyster card’ from the local dairy or corner store.

‘Post Codes’

You do not need to know address (street names) in London as all you need is the post code, this will be a small, easy to remember code (SW6 7HL, my old flat in Fulham) which will take you directly to the door of the destination when entered in city mapper, or google.

‘City Mapper’

Before you arrive in the UK I highly recommend downloading the app ‘city mapper’, this app is a life saver when it comes to uncommon areas and getting yourself around as quick as possible. This app will take you from your current location to where you want to go. It will also give you the ‘door to door’ timing so you will not be late! 95% of the time the app is up to date with delays and gives you alternate routes.

‘Door to Door’

Door to door is the saying used when someone is explaining how long it takes them to get somewhere. And this literally means door to door. Once you put the destination in City Mapper the map will show you where you have to walk, what modes of transport to use, how long you will be on that mode of transport for, then your final walk to the front door of the destination.


The tube system is the best in the world, this is used by around 2 million people a day, it’s the reason you do not need a car in London city. At first, it may look daunting but once you know your lines and different stations (mainly by your favourite pubs at each) you will soon have no troubles.

‘Boris bike’

Many people have a bike in London and it was my number 1 mode of transport, it is very safe. I do recommend a helmet and a big strong lock because if your bike is not locked up, unfortunately you may never see it again. They also have Boris bike stations, these cost £2 for 24 hours, the catch to this is you can only ride them for 30min at a time before they charge you a further £2. There are thousands of stations around London and you can easily cover a generous distance with how flat the landscape is.


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